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Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract

Muntons Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract is a versatile alcohol free base from which you can create a range of great tasting, hassle free no/low alcohol beer styles.

  • The most versatile, great-tasting alcohol free (AF) base
  • Adds body, flavour and mouthfeel to your beer
  • Consistent results every time - no more time wasted on trial and error brews
  • Create incredible-tasting alcohol free beers quickly
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment

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Liquid malt extracts provide a valuable source of fermentable sugars and introduce a traditional malty flavour and natural colour. Through careful control of the evaporation process during concentration, naturally occurring enzymes present in malt can be preserved to create diastatic malt extracts. These enzyme rich extracts can be used to convert starches from other sources into sugars.

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