Statement of Intent

Muntons plc will, as part of its overall business management strategy, comply with all relevant legal requirements as they relate to environmental issues. We take a responsible approach to environmental management and training and wish to be ‘good neighbours’.

Our commitment as stated in our Environment Policy briefed to all staff is: -

  • Environmental protection measures are understood and followed by all.
  • Environmental training will be in place for everyone and constantly reviewed.
  • Robust systems will be maintained to continually monitor the standard of environmental performance and where possible will be externally verified to ensure we are operating according to the best standards.
  • Our operations will be constantly monitored for energy performance criteria and a robust capital plan established where opportunity for further investment is identified as providing cost reduction and environmental benefit.
  • In the event we have any environmental incident we will ensure it is firstly quickly contained and secondly investigated in an open manner that allows us to learn and further improve


Environmental Objectives

The following objectives describe how we achieve the Company’s Environmental Policy.

  • Briefing: The Environmental Policy is briefed to all employees, contractors, sub contractors and temporary staff
  • Pollution control: Incidents of pollution are prevented by training in avoidance and containment
  • Waste: The consumption of raw materials and packaging is minimised
  • Energy: Energy is managed to achieve continuous improvement where technically feasible and we have a formal Energy Policy. Energy performance is aligned with government targets for our industry
  • BAT: The principles of Best Available Technique will be used where appropriate.
  • Emissions: Emissions to air and water are reduced and the land filling of solid waste is minimised.
  • Reporting: Our environmental performance is monitored and reviewed. We report the extent to which objectives and targets have been met via our annual Sustainability Statement
  • Carbon footprint: We measure our carbon footprint and use it to guide our energy efficiency and capital investment program. We also seek to influence supply chain partners to understand and reduce their emissions by knowledge transfer.
  • Plant operation: We authorise significant change to plant or process in advance to prevent any