Muntons clinches 3rd gold in recognition of their sustainability efforts at RMI Conference Brewing Supply Awards 2024

Muntons has been honoured with the coveted Gold Award for Maltsters under c.350t per annum at the RMI Conference Brewing Supply Awards in Rome. This achievement, announced on March 7, 2024, showcases Muntons' commitment to sustainability and innovation within the global brewing supply chain. 

The awards are regarded as a benchmark for excellence in the brewing supply industry, celebrating companies that set the standard for quality and environmental leadership.  

Muntons has earned recognition for its holistic and tangible sustainability commitment.  "Our dedication to sustainability runs through the heart of our business. We drive results by collaborating and empowering change right across the supply chain, from seed to sip" said Kate Dixon, Muntons Head of Sustainability. "By investing heavily in sustainable practices, we are able to offer our customers one of the lowest carbon malts in the world.” The award celebrated just some of the sustainability achievements from Muntons over the course of the past two years alone: 

"Winning Gold at the RMI Conference is a testament to our relentless drive for sustainability," affirmed Mark Tyldesley, Muntons Group Managing Director. "We take pride in leading by example, showing the world that it is possible to marry operational success with environmental responsibility. This award belongs to every member of the Muntons team for playing their role in delivering our vision of a sustainable future." 

 To see a summary of our 2023 sustainability achievements, click the link below. 

Muntons named SIBA Sustainable Business at BeerX UK

Muntons were announced winners of the SIBA Sustainable Business award on Wednesday 13th March at this year’s BeerX UK event.

The award recognises businesses that take the ethics of environmental awareness and sustainable business operation way beyond the norm and minimise environmental impact.

The award celebrated just some of the sustainability achievements from Muntons over the course of the past two years alone:


Andrew Leedham, Senior Marketing Manager, commented “We are delighted to have won this years Sustainable Business award. It’s exciting to see just how far not only we have come but the whole industry. We’re passionate about malt, driven by sustainability and dedicated to a better future, working together all the way.”

The SIBA Business Awards are judged by a panel of independent beer industry experts, and organised by not-for-profit trade association the Society of Independent Brewers and Associates. The awards cover everything from marketing, design and innovation to efforts to make businesses more sustainable or impactful.

The SIBA Business Awards 2024 were presented on Wednesday 13th March at BeerX UK in Liverpool by acclaimed beer author, journalist, broadcaster and consultant Pete Brown. Named British Guild of Beer Writers’ “Beer Writer of the Year” in 2009, 2012, 2016 and 2021, Pete has won three Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards, been shortlisted twice for the Andre Simon Awards, and in 2020 was named an “Industry Legend” at the Imbibe Hospitality Awards.


Muntons Homebrew Kits Rated by BBC's Countryfile Magazine

Muntons homebrew kits have always provided an easy way to start home brewing with little equipment or experience as well as a fun way to explore different flavours and beer styles. Now we're seeing them top the charts in terms of quality and experience with the likes of BBC Countryfile rating our own limited edition "Peach To Their Own" from our Tap Room Series, as well as the kits we make Woodfordes Brewery as some of the best kits to get your hands on.

Carys Matthews, Group Digital Editor of says "We tried their Peach To Their Own IPA, which, coming in at 5.7%, is a punchy brew. As you could probably guess, this is a peach-flavoured beer, which is an ancient and well-loved style of beer, but given a funky twist here. We chose to bottle this one rather than keep it in a barrel, so we can pull it out to impress guests, rather than keep on tap for our regular pint."

There was a dramatic rise in home brewing during lockdown, with the Telegraph reporting a huge ‘500% jump in home brew kit sales in 2020’, as many Brits missed the pub during lockdown. Since then, that trend has seen no sign of slowing down and thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, is firmly here to stay.

So if you are looking to add something your own Christmas wish list or surprise the experienced or wannabe homebrewer in your life with a gift that keeps on giving.... then find your nearest retailer and check out our Tap Room Series and the full range of our homebrew kits.

Click here to read the full article of BBC's Countryfile Magazine

Muntons Recognised in Top 1% Globally for Sustainability

Muntons has once again been awarded the highest rating of Platinum by the world's most trusted sustainability ratings platform, EcoVadis for 2023.

Having been awarded a platinum medal in 2022, Muntons is delighted to have been recognised as moving their sustainability programmes on further to achieve the highest rating once again for 2023 with even higher scores for ethics, environment, human rights and sustainable procurement.

To find out more visit our sustainability pages or download our latest ESG Report here.

Radical Approach to Growing Barley Developed Between Global Giant, Suntory and UK Maltster, Muntons.


The Suntory Group, headquartered in Osaka and with a diverse global portfolio of consumer beverages including whisky, beer, gin and soft drinks, has signed up to an innovative regenerative agriculture trial with Suffolk based maltster, Muntons plc, to explore how barley can be grown in a more sustainable way to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and protect water.


The trial is a collaborative effort between The Suntory Group, award winning sustainable malt supplier Muntons plc, supply chain consultancy Future Food Solutions Ltd. and Norfolk-based barley farmers lead by Dewing Grain Ltd. In the first year of this sizeable pilot, which has begun with the 2022 autumn crop-sowing campaign, 16 farmers are dedicating around 400 acres specifically to the trial producing over 1000 tonnes of barley from spring and winter varieties. This will be made into malt by Muntons and be used in Suntory’s beer and whisky production from 2024.

The project will start by baselining all crop-related emissions, which will inform an innovative nature-based programme of interventions that seek to reduce emissions, enhance soil health and protect water, while maintaining crop performance and grain quality. The ambition is to produce barley with 50% lower GHG emissions within five years.

Adrian Dyter, Head of Procurement & Technical at Muntons plc, comments, “Muntons sees the importance of taking a practical and holistic view to reducing GHG emissions and we’re proud to have been the first maltster to develop a carbon calculator to help identify where the biggest impact of reductions can be made.

Malted barley contributes 39% and 41% to the carbon footprint of beer and whisky respectively. So, the success of this trial could pave the way for reducing the overall value chain of production by 20% in a single leap. We have invested heavily in reducing Scope 1 & 2 emissions and water conservation and have decarbonised our maltings by 83% since 2007. We are now looking to Scope 3 and collaborations with forward leaning farmers and drinks producers to help achieve ambitious net-zero goal of 2030 and vision to make a real difference.”

Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable farming method that reduces dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides through the use of cover crops and no-till farming. It not only lowers GHG emissions but also increases soil biodiversity, thus improving soil fertility and water retention, leading to sustainable use of agricultural land.

“Thriving agricultural systems is crucial to our business and we place regenerative agriculture as one of the core solutions in transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices,” said Brian Golden, Senior General Manager, Suntory MONOZUKURI Initiative, Suntory Holdings Limited. “We will further our collaboration with various supply chain partners to procure more sustainably and to decarbonise our value chain.”

Josh Dewing, Trading Director of Dewing Grain Ltd comments, “We’re delighted to be taking part in this Suntory initiative to trial low carbon farming. As an agricultural business that has taken sustainability very seriously for some time now, it is fantastic to see leadership on this issue from big brands looking to bridge that gap between producer and consumer. With the trial covering a huge amount of acreage, it has the potential to generate some really positive outcomes for the environment and demonstrate farming’s vital role in mitigating climate change.”

Steve Cann Director at Future Food Solutions said “Having the opportunity to build field-based collaboration involving global brands like Suntory and UK barley farmers, shows the added value that innovation partnerships can bring to the UK’s food and drink sector. Focusing on improving efficiency, lowering CO2 emissions, whilst also improving on farm biodiversity results in benefits for everyone, including the environment”

The pilot will focus on a number of sustainable farming techniques including inter-row cropping, growing cover crop mixes including varieties such as Siletina Oil Radish, Winter Rye and Oats, Berseem Clover and Phacelia using less invasive measures to prepare the land and optimising crop nitrogen use. Outcomes will be measured in terms of the amount of CO2 sequestered by the soil and the reduction in the amount of nitrogen needed to be added to the crop to produce healthy yields. This trial is part of a Suntory global programme with the aims of reducing carbon emissions and capturing CO2 in the soil.

Click here to discover more about Muntons sustainability  

Muntons Launch PlantMalt for Clean, Plant-Based Food Full of Flavour

Muntons Launch PlantMalt for Clean, Plant-Based Food Full of Flavour

The plant-based market is booming but the challenges of meeting consumers’ high expectations in matching meat-based counterparts is keeping innovators busy. Working with an industry expert consultant and pulling on their own extensive knowledge of malt, Muntons is launching PlantMalt to help manufacturers achieve their best product range yet.

A comprehensive range of grain malts, liquid and powdered malt extracts specifically applied for the plant-based world, PlantMalt is a clean, sustainable range of malted ingredients to achieve flavour, texture, colour and mouthfeel getting much closer to meat-based alternatives.

Malt is a unique ingredient. Our 100% sustainable malt is derived from British barley and wheat and the time-honoured natural process of malting unlocks the sugars, enzymes and amino acids present in the grain. Malt brings an array of flavours and wide range of benefits to many different food products and now can bring the same benefits to plant-based foods.

Richard Platt, Senior Product Technologist at Muntons and one of the innovators behind PlantMalt

Richard Platt, Senior Product Development Technologist at Muntons, says, “As a team we fully immersed ourselves into the plant-based category, benchmarking the existing products we were able to understand the challenges that manufacturers are facing. We identified the common ingredients used and understood their functionalities, before creating our own plant-based burger, sausage and sliced deli-beef. Using our knowledge and experience of working with malt, we created a range of products that have substantial benefits in application. PlantMalt presents a range of clean-label, sustainable solutions to overcome some of the well-known challenges in the plant-based food industry.”

Our grains are soaked, sprouted, kilned, and then carefully processed into our clean label, plant-based ingredients. The unique malt flavours from our high-quality ingredients are a result of a Maillard reaction; a reaction between the reducing sugars and plant based amino acids created during the malting process. With experience of working with many of the world’s leading food and drink brands we have developed our malted ingredients, often to bespoke specifications, to help manufacturers enhance individual characteristics ranging from increased succulence to meatier flavours and improved colour.

Head of Marketing and Innovation for Muntons, Kate Dixon, adds, “Flexitarians make up 42 percent of the plant-based market and are responsible for driving the trend* motivating brands to create plant-based products that mimic the taste of meat. Health, sustainability, and ethics are also key to many consumers. Which is why, as the world’s greenest maltster, our ethically sourced 100% sustainable range of ingredients are so well placed to help.”

* Report from Euromonitor International.

Click here for more information about our PlantMalt products.



Muntons Helps Brewers Punch Above Their Weight in Fast-Growing Alcohol-Free Market

2022 Global Brewing Supply Award winners, Muntons, launched their Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract back in March 2021 with the goal of helping all brewers easily produce 0% ABV beers that didn’t just taste good as alcohol-free beers, but tasted great as beers in their own right.

Now it is more important than ever to create full bodied and fresh tasting alcohol-free beers for a rapidly growing number of highly discerning consumers. The Non-Alcohol Beer market is the space to watch with revenue in this segment amounting to just shy of £300 million in 2022 and expected to grow annually by 12.68% (CAGR 2022-2025). Which is why specialist brewing technologists at Muntons have continued to focus on perfecting methodology and accessibility to this market by running free workshops for their brewery customers and now releasing an Expert Guide revealing new flavour ideas and techniques.

Rob Urquhart, NPD Champion & Brewing Technologist for Muntons passionately explains his work,
“By helping brewers more easily create their own styles of alcohol-free beer we hope to support a revolution. Increasing the richness of choice for consumers and improving the overall quality of great tasting alcohol-free beers.”

Rob continues, “In creating the recipe for our Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract, which took our team over two years to perfect, we had to find the balance between bringing mouthfeel, depth and flavour to 0% ABV beers but keeping it versatile as a base to which brewers can add their own craft and personal approach reflecting their style.”

The result is an extract that is already being trialled in a significant number of breweries around the world and has been successfully used in commercial beers ranging from black lagers (see Good Karma), stouts to IPA’s and Pale Ales, including a Brussel’s Beer Challenge gold medal winner (Neon Rain from Mash Gang).

“With the help of the team at Muntons we embarked on a project to create a low ABV beer using their Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract. I have a deep love of all things fermented and have had bad experiences with low ABV beers, so I was sceptical of the extract at first. I expected the project to take some time, but we liked the first prototype so much we entered it in the Brussels Beer Challenge hoping it would do well and didn’t disappoint – it won Gold!” Jordan, Mash Gang

So, the message to breweries is don’t delay. Download a free copy of the latest thinking on creating the best 0% ABV beers join the 0% Revolution today.

Click here for more information about the alcohol-free revolution

Click here to download the Alcohol-Free Brewery Guide

Muntons' Managing Director, Mark Tyldesley, listed on 2022 Suffolk 100.

The people and organisations helping shape the future of Suffolk have been recognised in the new edition of the Suffolk 100.

First produced by Archant in 2010, the Suffolk 100 profiles those who make a difference in the county.

The 2022 edition features senior business leaders from many of the county’s largest firms, which make such a vital contribution to the economic wellbeing of Suffolk and its people.

Alongside commercial organisations, the contribution of the public and third sectors is also recognised. Inspiring leaders from education, the arts and health sectors are listed, including those who played a key role in Suffolk’s response to the Covid pandemic.

The Suffolk 100 was opened up to public nominations, with the judging panel deciding the final list.

Bring the Magic of Tap Rooms Home with Muntons.

Having not had access to brewery tap rooms for much of the last two years, any intrepid craft beer lover has missed being the first to share in brewers’ innovations.  This has inspired award-winning maltster and developer of leading home brewing beer kits, Muntons, to give you a way to bring the joy of the tap room home.

Muntons call it the Tap Room Series and it consists of four truly limited-edition styles of single can home brewing beer kits; Lazy Days, Simply the Zest, Higher Ground and One in a Melon. Muntons have only produced 1000 kits of each of these. Perhaps you could be one of the lucky few to try every style?

Muntons has worked closely with art enthusiasts within our home brewing community to give the packaging an artistic flair with each label featuring competition winning designs. The combination of unique artwork and innovative product perfectly reflecting the playful vibe of a community that is very serious about making their own outstanding beer!

Each beer will explore a different flavour palate and style. Lazy Days is a tropical IPA with notes of grapefruit and mango whilst Higher Ground is a coffee porter with smoky and roasted undertones. One in a Melon is a fresh and tangy example of the increasingly popular sour beer and Simply the Zest is a refreshing and zingy take on the classic Radler.

Nick Piper from Muntons is the brewer behind this innovation. He comments, “The Tap Room series is a celebration of variety in the beer industry.  Hidden under railway arches and adorning industrial estates up and down the UK, many microbreweries offer us their take on new trends and reinvented classics through their tap rooms.  This is our way of capturing that feeling and bringing it to the home brewer.”

Muntons’ Tap Room Series is available from UK retailers. Please ask at your local homebrew shop or click here to find your nearest stockists on the Muntons website.  

Proud Winners of the Prestigious Cow Bell Award for Global Brewing Supplier 2022

(L-R) Adrian Dyter, Mark Tyldesley, Nigel Davies and Tim Stonehouse from Muntons were in Antwerp to collect the award.

Muntons is delighted to be bringing the prestigious Cow Bell

Award back to their global headquarters in Stowmarket having, once again, scooped Global Brewing Supplier of the Year at the 11th World Barley, Beer and Malt conference held in Antwerp, Belgium in March.

The Global Brewing Supply Awards recognise excellence in the supply of malt products to the brewing industry through transformative innovations, sustainability initiatives and supply chain agility.

Below is a short video of why Muntons has been recognised as global leaders in their field.




International Women's Day 2022

Wioleta Butrynowska - Malt Extract Shift Leader Muntons

I have worked for Muntons for 13 years now as a Shift Leader in the malt production plant and mill.

Juggling shift work with family life can sometimes present its challenges but once you have the routine of a work life balance set up it becomes much easier. It is still a male dominated industry to work in but I really enjoy what I do and have always been willing to challenge the status quo to bring about change.

I enjoy being part of a working group at Muntons called Stronger Together which is encouraging more diversity in the workforce by breaking down perceived barriers.


Sophie de Ronde- Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Breweries 

I am Head Brewer of Burnt Mill Brewery and have been since it started back in 2017. I have been working in the industry for 14-15 years now starting my career off in a traditional real ale pub.

I fell into brewing almost accidentally; I needed some work post university and found a job behind a bar to see me through job application periods. It was here that I fell in love with beer and back then all craft beer was cask. I ended up running the cellar at the pub and managing the ordering and care of the bar and the cellar. As I was finding more out about beer, my interest grew and I wanted to learn more. I sought out a job as a brewer with a local microbrewery, Brentwood Brewing Company, and so my brewing career started. I learned the practical skills on the job and realised that my science degree was proving useful as well.

At Brentwood, I became head brewer through natural progression.  I then moved to Muntons as a Brewing Technologist some 7 years later. Unfortunately, I discovered that I could not tolerate barley or wheat in any format and so I moved my career back to a brewery, Burnt Mill. I know it sounds crazy, but the exposure is minimal here and I don't do much on the production floor these days. I have had a really positive career path in brewing and love the industry we are in.

Since joining Burnt Mill Sophie has collaborated to launch International Women's Collaboration Brew Day with Unite Brew.


Laura Davies – General Manager for Distilleries at Penderyn Welsh Whisky

I didn’t ever actually plan to be a distiller – when I joined Penderyn 10 years ago I’d just completed a degree in Forensic Science with Criminology and was searching for my first ‘proper’ job, to start my career. If you advertise for a position within the whisky industry, you’re suddenly swamped with applications, because who wouldn’t want to work in the industry?!

So, the role at Penderyn was advertised anonymously, with no company name and with contact via a PO Box address. I took a chance and applied, thinking it would ‘do for now’…a few weeks later, I found myself sitting at a table with the directors of Penderyn, and Dr Jim Swan – a world-renowned expert in whisky.

After the usual interview questions, I was presented with 10 glasses and instructed to nose each one and describe in as much detail as I could what they contained – everything from cleaning fluids to spices. Fortunately for me, I passed the test, joining first as a Distiller, and now, 10 years later, I’m General Manager for Distilleries, overseeing all aspects of our distillery operations across 2 (soon to be 3) sites.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is of my own doing – a lack of belief in myself. I’m my own worst critic, but thankfully I’m surrounded by a great team who support me and don’t see me as a female in the industry, just as a colleague. One of the other challenges I’ve faced at times is the unconscious bias that still sits with some (by no means all!) consumers – to some people, a woman in the whisky industry is still a bit of a novelty, and it’s important to me to change their views on that.






Muntons enjoys another A Rating for Supplier Engagement on Sustainability

Muntons is delighted to be given the rating of A- for Supplier Engagement on Sustainability by the CDP.  We are extremely proud of how actively engaged we are with our supply chain championing sustainability as one of our core business values.

Technical and Sustainability Director for Muntons, Nigel Davies, comments, "This is the second time Muntons has been recognised as having an outstanding impact on supplier engagement. I have made it a personal mission to demystify sustainability jargon and share our many examples of practical carbon emissions-busting projects. Muntons is aligned with a decarbonisation strategy across its supply chain that will protect our planet. The recognition by CDP of being exemplary in championing this reality through supplier interaction is welcome and will embolden us to continue pressing on with this important agenda”

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. The world’s economy looks to CDP as the gold standard of environmental reporting with the richest and most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city action.

Read about some of the projects we have been working on in our Sustainability Report.

Celebrating Women in Science

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science
11th February 2022

Ever wondered how our food and drinks look and taste so good? It's not magic. It's science.  Well, with a little help from the magic ingredient of malt. We talked to Ebony-Rose Grant-Knox, who works for Muntons as a Laboratory Quality Control Analyst. She told us a little about why she chose a career in science.

Woman working in laboratory

Ebony-Rose Grant-Knox, Laboratory Quality Control Analyst

“I first got into science at school as I really enjoyed the practical side of it. Laboratories never felt intimidating to me and they presented an opportunity to answer questions with clear and categorical results.

Just like in my job at Muntons; every single malt extract is tested by me at several stages in our production process. Ensuring it has the ideal colour and qualities specific to the requirements of each of our customers. It’s amazing how very small variations in colour and concentration can lead to a dramatic change of colour and flavour in the finished product.  I’m proud to say that it doesn’t leave our site unless it is cleared as the best quality by our lab.

I’m really enjoying my role in the lab, especially the social side of working here - as part of a strong team. It is also pretty varied as our customers are ordering bespoke variations to suit new innovations all the time.

There is no set route for a career in science. I followed my love of science at ‘A’ level, to a BSc in Bio Medical Science and then onto a Masters in Applied Bio Science.

I don’t believe you ever stop learning and, here at Muntons, I hope to be supported further in my career. Perhaps even to do a PhD.”

To understand more about what malt can do in food and drink visit our ingredients pages. Click here

If you are interested in becoming a women in science with Muntons, have a look at our careers pages. Click here

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 7th -13th February 2022

Behind great malt, you will find great people. At Muntons we have always understood the importance of our people in delivering the best products and services to our customers. In order to ensure our production team is made up of the best in the business we support their entire career journey. As we celebrate Apprenticeships Week 2022 we share that apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers. We’ve been running our Management Trainee Programme, which is an apprenticeship scheme, for five years.

Dan Cooper, our Drum Maltings Manager based in Stowmarket, is one of ten apprentices across our UK business and has recently completed his ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification, with distinction.

"My Muntons journey started in April 2012 as a Malt Extract Shift Operator working in our Band Drier department. After three of shift work, I was given the opportunity to transfer into a process improvement role within our Malted Ingredients division. This proved the catalyst to being able to move on to the Graduate Management Scheme (GMS) the company offered.

After making the difficult decision to bypass university and instead take the less trodden path, my personal goal was to always get onto the GMS. At the time of applying for the scheme, my interviewer seemed impressed that my quest to gain experience and build knowledge through my career, and this appeared to be their favourite answer.

Seeing the success of individuals who had previously undertaken the GMS, progress through the company, was why I chose the scheme and the opportunity to gain a qualification.

The programme was fun, challenging and very rewarding, Muntons allowed us to put the theory from the classroom sessions into practice, while also supporting projects we had to complete.  

The scheme has also allowed me to complete the Malting Diploma which is a qualification awarded by The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain. 

I would 100% recommend this route to others; university is not always an option and schemes like the Graduate Management Scheme allow you to further your education, gain qualifications and do so while earning a salary!"



Time to Talk Day 2022 - Michael's Story

Today, Thursday 3 February 2022, is Time to Talk Day. Mind and Rethink Mental Illness have co-organised the awareness day, and it’s a day about encouraging friends, families, and colleagues to talk to each other about their mental health.

Muntons and Mental Health

With an easy to access Employee Assistance Programme, which provides free services including counselling, and a recently launched our Wellbeing Buddies service, at Muntons, we take our team members’ mental health seriously. Our Wellbeing Buddies are volunteers who work across various areas of the business and are available for a chat or help to signpost their colleagues to services if needed.

As part of Time to Talk Day, our Head of IT, Michael Howard, has kindly agreed to share his mental health story in the hopes it showcases the importance of talking about your feelings when things may be tough.

Trigger Warning: We wish to warn readers that Michael’s journey includes topics surrounding intense mental health difficulties, including suicidal thoughts, which some may find disturbing.

Michael starts: “Growing up in the 1990s, there was still an incredibly strong stigma about mental health difficulties. People just didn't talk about attending therapy or using antidepressants, and in particular, society didn't encourage men to open up and talk about how we were feeling physically, let alone emotionally mentally. It was OK for girls and women to cry, but men and boys? Definitely not.

“Fast forward to when I was around 27, where things went downhill for me. My relationship collapsed, and with that, I lost everything. Practically overnight, I no longer had a partner, a home, money, or friends. It was the darkest and most painful time of my life during which I experienced suicidal thoughts. I was ready to do it and knew exactly how."

"I asked for help."

“Thanks to the help of new friends, they recognised what was happening and encouraged me to talk to somebody, while also helping me to leave the house more often. So, I asked for help. I asked for a lot, and I took all that was available. Over the next ten years, I came to terms with this illness and would no longer let it control my life. About four years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with depression and so I attended therapy.

During his cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions, Michael learnt various coping strategies and, through counselling, realised that he’d mistaken his mood and behaviour for typical teenage angst and that he’d been living with depression for at least 20 years.

"Things all changed because of COVID and I no longer felt in control of anything.”

“For years, I could fight my depression and anxiety, and work out a way of balancing my feelings. However, in March 2020, things all changed because of COVID and I no longer felt in control of anything.”

Just like 60% of adults in the country*, Michael’s mental health suffered during the first lockdown, so struggled more than he had done for a while, resulting in him receiving treatment for his depression and anxiety once again.

“Even though lockdown was hard, I feel my mental health journey really started in the last two years. I was stronger than I gave myself credit for and could let go of scenarios, much more and easier than before. I allowed myself to feel my emotions because they were real. Before I would have dismissed them. I finally realised it was OK to be vulnerable, especially during those difficult times.”

During that time, Michael continued to receive virtual therapy and things have turned around for him.

Things Are Looking Up

“It’s been a journey that I’m pleased I started because I dread to think where things could have gone. It’s taken me this long to get where I am mentally, and I guess I’ll never be ‘cured’. However, what I know is I can handle bad days or down moments; they’re not always down to how I’m feeling. It could have just been a bad day, which we all experience from time to time. So being down or a little overwhelmed is a perfectly normal reaction to life’s events. We’re all on a mental health problem spectrum, whether or not we realise it. I’m married and have great friends, family, and colleagues who support and encourage me to continue with my healing process. I feel lucky, but I’m proud of myself, too. It’s taken a lot of work to get myself here, and now I know what my symptoms are that I must recognise, should I have a hard time again.

“I know that 20 years ago, I simply wouldn’t have understood or sympathised with an article like this. Now, I totally appreciate the struggles of depression and anxiety. As cheesy as the cliché of ‘it’s good to talk’ is, it’s so true. We’re all struggling, some more than others, but what you don’t see on things like, social media or out and about is that other people may have a support network; their village. It’s so easy to get trapped comparing ourselves with each other, but it’s a waste of time.

It's Time for Change

“We, as a society, need to stop telling men and boys to ‘man up’, ‘men don’t cry’ or 'stop being so girlie'. They’re dangerous phrases and instil a toxic belief that men’s emotions are worthless compared to women’s. Too many generations have gone through this negative mentality, which sometimes has been the root cause of alcoholism, gambling problems, and even suicide. We must work together to allow people to believe what they’re feeling is normal and guide them to the services available. It doesn’t have to be a tablet to get you through it; if you can't open up to friends or family, then you can talk to GPs, health visitors, midwives, counsellors, therapists, or social prescribers. On the flip side, we all have a responsibility to keep our eyes open and recognise the symptoms. If you notice somebody isn’t quite themselves, invite them for a walk and a chat or go to the pub for a talk. Just by thinking: 'ask twice', asking somebody how they are, and then asking again could really turn somebody’s life around.

“Don’t be afraid of talking. By asking for help, you are doing the strongest thing a person can do and you should be proud of yourself. This too shall pass."

The Facts

One in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any year. Suicide in England and Wales is three times more common among men than among women, and the gap between genders continues to increase.

If you or you know somebody who is struggling with mental health, then please seek help immediately. You can find how, including information about text services to what to do during a crisis, by clicking here.

* Mind - The Mental Health Emergency

Management Changes

Nigel Davies, Director of Technical and Sustainability, is to step-down from Muntons on 5th April, following a tenure of almost a quarter of a century. Leaving in the spring, Nigel will move on to focus on his consultancy and will continue to be a sustainability advisor to the 100-year-old maltster.

The long-standing Director has been a key player in establishing Muntons’ green agenda for over two decades before businesses put the topic at the forefront of their strategies. He also designed and launched Muntons’ malting barley carbon footprint support tool, which was the first of its kind in the world.

Ahead of his departure, Nigel said: “It’s certainly with a heavy heart that I’m leaving Muntons after working here for most of my career. I am proud of what we have achieved together and how far we have come. I remember facing boycott and disinterest in sustainability at conferences in the early 2000s, and now we’re recognised as the thought leaders in our industry. This has encouraged me to provide sustainability consultancy.

Muntons is also announcing the appointment of Adrian Dyter as its new Head of Procurement and Technical from 21st February.

A familiar face within the brewing and distilling community, recently Managing Director for Crisp Malt, and with major roles previously with Carlsberg and Boortmalt, Adrian is hugely respected in the industry.

Reflecting on the changes, Muntons’ Managing Director, Mark Tyldesley, said: “It’s been an honour working with Nigel, and I am grateful for all the work that he has done. His passion for making our industry a greener one has spearheaded us into leading the way and winning accolades such as our recent platinum EcoVadis Medal, putting us in the top 1% of sustainable businesses in the world. He’s going to be sorely missed. Alongside that, I am delighted that Adrian agreed to join the business. His knowledge and experience within the industry, coupled with his proven leadership ability, will add huge value to Muntons at a time when we are looking to continue to grow. We look forward to welcoming him to Muntons and are excited for his future with us.”

Adrian adds: “I’m tremendously excited to be joining the team at Muntons and meet my new colleagues to build and deliver on the sound strategy that’s already in place. Muntons is a business with a great reputation, heritage, and diverse portfolio, and so it's an honour to be part of its next 100 years.”

Muntons Receives Platinum Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis

We're delighted to announce that EcoVadis has awarded us a platinum medal in sustainability performance. This rating puts us in the top 1% of global companies assessed and further highlights us as a leader in sustainability.

EcoVadis is the world's largest independent corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating agency and assesses over 85,000 businesses in 160 countries and 200 industries. It reviews a company’s performance in four key pillars: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Across the board, Muntons scored 75 out of 100 in the audit, well ahead of the global average of 47.

Companies partner with EcoVadis to collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks, and performance improvement tools.

More Recognition for Muntons

Muntons added the accolade to its ever-expanding list of recent achievements, including the Environmental Leadership Award at the 2021 Food and Drink Federation's awards and the Baking Industry Awards' Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award. The 100-year-old business impressed judges with its investment and innovation carried out on its new biomass heating system along with the co-generation of electricity. This, in part, represents Muntons' commitment to sustainability and reduces its environmental footprint in line with a net-zero carbon emissions target. The company is on track to achieve its science-based target early and will decarbonise by over 60% based on 2010 emissions.

Director of Technical and Sustainability at Muntons, Nigel Davies, said: “It’s an honour to be awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Award. As a business that has set science-based emissions reduction goals as part of our sustainability strategy, the medal recognises our commitments as an industry leader.

“We’re serious about our sustainability initiatives, and the work we do allows us to support our customers and suppliers build greener supply chains and therefore improve the industry’s methods throughout. The platinum award recognises our performance is consistently high in the wider sustainability issues, such as ethics, human rights and procurement."

Find Out More

If you'd like to learn more about our greener ways of working, then check out our sustainability report by clicking here.

Muntons and BBC 2's Inside the Factory

On Wednesday 5 January, everybody at Muntons was excited to watch our few minutes of fame on BBC 2, and watch Inside the Factory - Malt Loaf, which provided the inside scoop on a national favourite, the malt loaf.

In the first episode of the new series, viewers will watch as Gregg Wallace visits Soreen’s factory in Manchester. They will also see Cherry Healey’s exclusive access around the maltster’s Stowmarket headquarters as she learns how its quality malt ingredients play a critical role in the malt loaf’s classic taste and famous texture.

Filmed while observing the social distancing guidelines of December 2020, George Irving, Maltings Manager at Muntons, shows Cherry around the facilities. George explains the manufacturing process and the importance of sourcing the very best tasting malt. Muntons then delivers the malted ingredients to the malt loaf factory in Manchester, where Gregg is waiting.

The episode focuses on the British treat’s production and history and features drone footage of the Stowmarket site, taken by Muntons’ homegrown Engineer, James Robinson.

Ahead of the broadcast, Managing Director for Muntons, Mark Tyldesley said: “We’re looking forward to the new series of Inside the Factory and in particular this week’s malt loaf episode. It was a tremendous honour and an exciting opportunity to be included, and to welcome Cherry and the TV crew to our site certainly created quite a buzz within our teams!”

Muntons, which turned 100 in 2021, produces high-quality malted ingredients for Soreen and some of the most famous and well-loved food and drinks brands around the globe.

The popular TV show first aired in 2015 and showcases the ins and outs of some of the nation's favourite food and drink products. TV license holders in the UK, can watch Inside the Factory – Malt Loaf here

Coronavirus Update


Update December 2021

We have put in place measures designed to take care of our team members at Muntons and our partners in the supply chain. We have aligned our guidance with the UK Government's advice to ensure that we play our part in helping contain and delay the spread of the coronavirus.

Muntons' manufacturing operations are continuing as normal, and we are operating safely according to covid secure guidelines and at full capacity

New covid variant VUI-202012/01, Delta, Omicron: There is no evidence that Covid-19 or the new variant can be transmitted by food, only by persistence on surfaces or by fluid/aerosol transmission (coughing, sneezing etc.). It is expected that the new vaccines will still be effective against this new variant.

Please use your usual contact for customer service or quality, who will be happy to answer any individual detailed questions.

Industry Exam Recognition for Joe

Congratulations to our own Brewing and Distilling Malt Sales Manager, Joe Fifield, who's been recognised for achieving the country's highest result in his industry exams!

Joe, who supports customers across London, Southern England and Wales, completed the General Certificate of Malting (GCM) last year and achieved a credit grade. The malting industry’s trade association, the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain (MAGB), named Joe as its highest-scoring exam candidate for 2020. This led to The Macpherson Memorial Trust nominating him for the Association’s prestigious award, the Macpherson Quaich.

The Macpherson Memorial Trust was set up in memory of well-loved and respected maltster Tim Macpherson, who, along with his wife Diedre (also known as Mouse), and their youngest daughter Iona, was tragically killed during a terrorist attack while on board an Air Lanka aircraft in 1986.

The Trust supports those who work in the malt, brewing and distilling industries to apply for financial awards for personal development, such as research and travel. Since 2017, the Trust has additionally recognised study achievements by awarding the Macpherson Quaich to outstanding GCM candidates.

Ordinarily, the Macpherson Memorial Trust presents the candidate who has achieved the highest GCM result, with the special cup, at the MAGB’s annual luncheons. However, because of COVID-19 safety measures, Joe had to wait a year to receive the accolade.

Speaking about receiving the Macpherson Quaich, Joe said: “I'm honoured to have received the Macpherson Quaich; it's a tremendous achievement for me and it’s something I’m really proud of.

Macpherson Chair of Trustees, Adrian Dyter presents Muntons Sales Manager, Joe Fifield with the Macpherson Quaich.

“The various lockdowns limited our planned industry visits that form part of our studies, so a special thanks

must go to my mentor George Irving, who’s our Maltings Manager and leads educational development at Muntons. He continued to run sessions virtually and provided excellent support to prepare for the exam.”

During an award ceremony at Muntons' headquarters in Stowmarket, Suffolk, Macpherson Chair of Trustees, Adrian Dyter presented Joe with the Macpherson Quaich.

Congratulations, Joe!

International Men’s Day 2021 - Matthew's Mental Health Story

Trigger Warning - the following piece talks about death by suicide and cancer. 

Each year, communities around the world honour International Men’s Day on 19 November. The emphasis of the day is to showcase men who make a positive difference to society and focus on men’s health and wellbeing issues.Matthew Neeve - Muntons Wellbeing Buddy - Mental Health Story

At Muntons, we’re once again encouraging our male team members, customers, suppliers, and partners to remember the importance of protecting their health and, in particular, their mental health.

Recently, we launched our Wellbeing Buddies scheme. These ten volunteers signed up to be available to their colleagues in times of need, for support or simply a little chat.

Our Wellbeing Buddies, many of whom have lived experience of mental health difficulties and represent most areas across Muntons, are available for chats, fitness advice, financial support. They can also signpost their colleagues to more formal support, such as counselling services via our employee assistance programme.

One such Wellbeing Buddy is Matthew Neeve, Homebrew Production Manager, based at Stowmarket.

Father of three, Matthew became a Wellbeing Buddy because he wanted to support his peers, and in particular male colleagues to: “Fight the challenging stigma that makes men feel like they can’t and shouldn’t talk about their mental health.”

Matthew’s drive to volunteer stems from the heartache and depression he lived through after a friend of his died by suicide in 1997 and, more recently, his pain after the untimely death of his sister Joanna, who died from cancer.

“Following Joanna’s death, I went into a dark place, and I don’t mind saying that. The grief encapsulated me; I didn’t feel I could talk about it, nor did I know how to, even if I wanted to. My whole family life had changed; my niece and nephew were now orphans and went into legal guardianship of my parents. They all needed me and my support, as did my family, who had just lost a great sister-in-law and aunt.

“I eventually realised how down I was and how I couldn’t cope with the day-to-day life. After having a panic attack in the office, I knew I had to do something. So, I spoke to my HR team, who mentioned we have access to counselling services and directed me to Muntons’ Employee Assistance Programme. The Programme matched me with Ray, with whom I developed a trusting relationship, and we would regularly catch up for a chat.

“He taught me the importance of talking about how I was feeling and how my reaction to what had happened was perfectly acceptable. With his help, I stopped feeling embarrassed and, in time, I relaxed during our sessions. I learnt that talking about my emotions, or even just how my day had been, was enabling me to process it all and I could release all the emotions and thoughts that I had.

“Over the years, I’ve become confident in talking about my experiences. It’s no different to talking about symptoms of the flu. I haven’t met or spoken to one person who has no experience of dealing with mental health problems, whether it’s themselves, a friend, or a family member.

“I don’t understand why there’s a narrative of ‘men don’t talk about their feelings’, or where it’s coming from. What I know is that telling somebody to ‘man up’ is incredibly dangerous. If you’re not honest about how you’re feeling, then you won’t feel better; all you’ll do is store everything up inside, which isn’t healthy. As soon as you’re able to talk about what you’re going through, then do so. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about.

“When Muntons put a call out asking for Wellbeing Buddy volunteers, it was a no brainer for me; of course, I was going to sign up! I want to help my colleagues, whoever they are and whatever department they’re in, to know they have people who won’t judge them. I have my battle scars; so many of us Buddies do too, and even if it’s a five-minute chat with somebody to guide them through the services available to them, then that’s perhaps five minutes less that they’ll live with their depression or anxiety in the future.”

If you're living with mental health difficulties, or know somebody who is, there are organisations and services available to help. Click here to find out more.


Another Sustainability Award for Muntons!

Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award

Muntons, the 100-year-old manufacturer and supplier of malt and malted ingredients, has won the Baking Industry Awards' newest category: the Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award (sponsored by Macphie), for its bio-energy plant at its Stowmarket site.Muntons awarded Sustainability Initiative of the Year at Bakery Awards

The maltster's biomass heating system, along with the co-generation of electricity, represents Muntons' commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint by a factor of three.

The judges assessed bakery businesses' innovations and programmes that are supporting the industry to become a more sustainable one. Muntons also impressed the judges by focusing on achievements and gains, rather than the investment required. The panel said: "The speed, determination and commitment in getting the plant operational in the face of multiple obstacles, was very impressive."

Attending the Awards in London on Muntons' behalf were Director of Sustainability, Nigel Davies and Senior Marketing Manager, Andrew Leedham. Strictly Come Dancing judge, Craig Revel - Horwood hosted the event at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

Muntons has been working with Amp Clean Energy and Vital Energi on the project since mid-2020.

You can view Muntons' sustainability report by clicking here.

Wellbeing Buddies Scheme Launched at Muntons

On World Mental Health Day 2021, we introduced team members to the first group of volunteers who've signed up to be our Wellbeing Buddies.

The scheme, which is the first of its kind at Muntons, saw a recruitment drive launched during Mental Health Awareness Week in May. Since then, ten team members have kindly agreed to be available to their colleagues in times of need, for support or simply a chat, and we have given them training.

The Wellbeing Buddies, who represent most areas across Muntons, are available for chats, fitness advice, financial support and can signpost to more formal support such as counselling services via our employee

Muntons' New Wellbeing Buddies

assistance programme.

Our culture and policies at Muntons ensure we treat everybody with the respect they deserve; and by running a scheme like our Wellbeing Buddies, we're opening up opportunities to remind our team members that we care and that we encourage them to speak with confidence and dignity about their mental health.

If you are living with mental health difficulties, or know somebody who is, there are services and organisations available to help. For further information, just click here.

Muntons at 100

Muntons, the Stowmarket based malt and malted ingredient manufacturer, is kicking off a year of celebrations in honour of its 100th year in business.

The maltster plans to mark its anniversary with a series of commemorative events to celebrate the business’ longevity.

Plans include gifts and a family fun day for team members, an Olympic torch inspired event that sees the Muntons flag travelling around the globe with all colleagues signing it, and the planting of a 100-year woodland area, with a tree planted for every team member based at the headquarters site at Stowmarket.

From its origins in Bedford, Munton Baker-Munton established the maltster on 27 September 1921. Breaking away from the family business, which had been trading malt and grains since the 1800s, Baker-Munton aimed to meet the needs for malt extract within the brewing and food industries.

Over the last 100 years, Muntons has embarked on a continuous transformation alongside the ever-evolving food and drinks market. As a key ingredient found in beer, whisky, bread, confectionery, and cakes to name just a few, resiliency, adaptability, innovation, and accomplishment have all been key in Muntons’ journey. This mentality of its team members has allowed the business to support its customers embrace product development through its expertise in all things malt related.

Fast forward 100 years and Muntons is well-established in the malt and malted ingredients industry; supplying products to some of the world’s most loved food and drink brands. Now based in the Suffolk countryside, Muntons has its second maltings in Bridlington, with a peating malt plant in Tithe Top, also in Yorkshire. Internationally, it exports its products to over 90 countries, has offices in Singapore and the Netherlands, a plant in Thailand and a sales operation in the USA.

For over 30 years, Muntons has consistently focused on its sustainability commitments, rising to the challenge of being a responsible global player in the malt industry. More recently, the construction of a bio-energy plant at its Cedars Maltings at Stowmarket has started. The new bio-energy plant, which is being worked on in partnership with AMP Clean Energy, and Vital Energi, is near completion and will reduce carbon emissions by over 50%, allowing the headquarters site to become fully self-sufficient for heat. This is the second bio-energy site that the business has invested in. The first one operated at its Flamborough Maltings in Bridlington in 2019.

Speaking about the anniversary, Managing Director for Muntons, Mark Tyldesley, said: “To be going strong for 100 years is an achievement that all of us at Muntons are incredibly proud of. Supporting customers with the creation of some of the world’s favourite food and drink for a century is an honour and underlines how passionate we are about malt.

“Our team members play a huge role in the strength of our business. We’re fortunate to have some of the best experts in the industry, some of whom have been with us for over 40 years! These colleagues ensure they pass this knowledge down to the next generation of malt specialists.

“It means a great deal to all of us to be a much-trusted maltster both in the UK and abroad, and so I extend my thanks to our loyal customers, suppliers and team members who have made this possible.”

Enjoy our 100 years video!

Sustainability Award for Muntons

Muntons has been presented with the Environmental Leadership Award at the 2021 Food and Drink Federation's awards, for its latest in sustainability innovation, a bio-energy plant at its Cedars Maltings headquarters in Stowmarket!

Sustainability award for Muntons

The ceremony has returned to the Royal Lancaster this month (16 September) for the first time since 2019, to celebrate everything that the food and drink industry has accomplished this year.

The new bio-energy plant, which is being worked on in partnership with Amp Clean Energy, and Vital Energi, is near completion and will reduce Muntons' Stowmarket site's carbon emissions by over 50% and allowing the headquarters site to become fully self-sufficient for heat.

This is in fact the second centre that Muntons, which turns 100 at the end of the month (September), has invested in. The maltster's first bio-energy plant at its Flamborough Maltings in Bridlington started its operation in 2019.

Food critic and journalist, Jay Rayner, presented the ceremony which honoured the industry in areas including sustainability and innovation. The awards also praised individuals for their achievements, such as those who are starting their careers in the Apprentice of the Year to Rising Star accolades.

Dr Nigel Davies, Technical and Sustainability Director for Muntons, said:
“This exciting project shows that by innovative thinking, it is possible to make significant greenhouse gas reductions that are in line with a science based target while using existing technology. It is encouraging that this type of leadership in environmental protection in food manufacturing is recognised at this level by such a prestigious industry body.”

If you'd like to read more about Muntons' ongoing environmental programme, then you can find the latest sustainability report here on our website.

Photo caption:

L-R: The night's celebrity presenter, food critic Jay Rayner, Tony Baker, Muntons Project Engineering Leader, Andy Cooper, UK Sales Manager at Clarke Energy (the category sponsor) and Ian Burrows, Muntons Maintenance Manager and Project Engineer.

Muntons to support sustainable barley trial

HEINEKEN UK is launching an innovative trial to explore how one of the main ingredients of beer, barley, can be grown in a more sustainable way to help reduce CO2 emissions.

The trial is a collaborative effort between HEINEKEN UK, malt supplier Muntons, supply chain consultancy Future Food Solutions and Yorkshire-based barley farmers. In the first year of the pilot, which will begin with the 2021 autumn crop-sowing campaign, 10 farmers will be taking part and around 7,000 acres of winter and spring barley varieties will be grown yielding up to 25,000 tonnes of grain, enough to brew almost 300 million pints of beer.

The ambition is to use the learnings from the pilot to scale the project over the coming years to help contribute to HEINEKEN’s global ambition to reduce emissions from agriculture by 33% by 2030 versus a 2018 baseline, and to achieve a carbon neutral value chain by 2040.

The barley grown as part of the trial will first go to Muntons’ plant at Flamborough, Bridlington, for malting. From there, it will be transported to HEINEKEN’s brewery in Tadcaster where it will be used in the brewing process.

Matt Callan, Supply Chain Director at HEINEKEN, said: “Without barley we can’t make beer. This trial is very much about ensuring we create a sustainable long term supply chain that benefits farmers, the planet and biodiversity. Agriculture is the second biggest contributor of our carbon footprint and with our new ambition to hit carbon neutrality through our entire value chain by 2040, tackling this part of our footprint is key. This is the reason we have partnered with Future Food Solutions and Muntons. They help farmers to integrate a range of innovative ideas into their processes to reduce carbon emissions and improve soil health; exactly the things we need to make our barley more sustainable.”

Rachel Scholes of JS Scholes Farmers Sledmere, said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in this HEINEKEN initiative to trial low carbon farming. As a farming enterprise that has taken sustainability very seriously for some time now, it is fantastic to see leadership on this issue from big brands looking to bridge that gap between producer and consumer. With the trial covering a huge amount of acreage, it has the potential to generate some really positive outcomes for the environment and demonstrate farming’s vital role in mitigating climate change.”

Steven Cann, Director of Future Food Solutions, said: “Farmers benefit from improved soil health and lower farm input costs. Spring barley, which is what most brewers prefer, is prone to drought, but increasing soil organic matter means the land retains far more water, so the farmers get greater resilience built into their crops. This equates to better crops and better margins. HEINEKEN benefits from a more sustainable, more resilient supply chain that will help the business meet its carbon neutrality targets and the consumer enjoys a tasty, refreshing beer in the knowledge that it has had a significantly reduced impact on the environment. It is a win for everyone.”

Dr Nigel Davies, Director of Technical and Sustainability at Muntons, said: “As a business that started its sustainability journey all the way back in 2000, it is an exciting project for us to be involved in. We work closely with Future Food Solutions to help farmers cut their carbon emissions and this has helped us to reduce the carbon footprint of our barley supply chain by 32% in the past 12 years. As a result, the malt we make is certified 100% sustainable by the Farm Sustainability Assessment standard.”

The pilot will focus on a number of sustainable farming techniques including inter-row cropping, growing cover crop mixes including varieties such as phacelia, oil radish and clovers, using less invasive measures to prepare the land and optimising crop nitrogen use. Outcomes will be measured in terms of the amount of CO2 sequestered by the soil and the reduction in the amount of nitrogen needed to be added to the crop to produce healthy yields. This trial is part of a HEINEKEN global programme: the 2040 Low carbon farming programme, which has been launched in 10 countries, with the aims of reducing carbon emissions and capturing CO2 in the soil.

You can learn more about Muntons' sustainability efforts here.

Design Our Next Homebrew Kits!

Want To Be Part Of Designing Muntons’ Next Homebrew Kits?

Of Course You Can-Can!


Muntons, a global manufacturer and supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients, has kicked off a competition to design the next range in its craft homebrewing kit portfolio.

Due to launch in 2022, the Suffolk based maltster is developing a new range of single-can homebrew kits with a contemporary twist and is welcoming those with a creative flair, to design the labels to be used on each of the cans.

Exclusively manufactured by Muntons, these single-can craft beer kits will be unique to the market, with the winning designers being featured on the labels and receiving £500 each.

Muntons, which turns 100 this September, will provide participants who enter the competition with an artwork template, brand guidelines and support from the Muntons Marketing team.

Launching the competition, Senior Marketing Manager at Muntons, Andrew Leedham, said: “Earlier this year, we received tremendous feedback when we sampled our Muntons Flagship range with 25 homebrewers. This helped us to perfect the kits prior to them hitting the shelves back in June. We love how this range has been created with the support of our fellow homebrewers; it gives our range such a personal vibe. That’s why we’re asking for beer-lovers to help us design the label for our next kits. It keeps that community spirit going.

“This is a great opportunity for those who’ve just started their creative careers and amateur designers. We’re excited to see these entries!”

To be in with a chance of designing a label and receiving £500, please send examples of your previous design work to by Tuesday 31 August. All entrants must be 18 years or over. For more information, please get in contact on social media or email.

The First Deliveries Of 2021's Harvest Have Arrived!

Monday 2 August marked the day we received the first harvest delivery day of the year at Stowmarket. A day which is important for us, our farmers and customers alike.

Peter Paddy writing the date of the first delivery taken of 2021's harvest

As is the tradition since 1978, we have written the date down on a girder inside our intake building to celebrate the first crop deliveries of the year. This year, we have handed the marker pen over to Peter Paddy, Intake Supervisor, who has seen 19 harvests with us. Thanks, Peter!

Fun fact: The last time we had a new crop delivery in August, occurred 20 years ago to the date - 2 August 2001!

For more information about our products, click the below:

Brewing and distilling malts

Malted ingredients (food and beverage)

Muntons Flagship Homebrew Kits Launched



Muntons, one of the country’s oldest suppliers of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients, has launched a new range of homebrew kits.

The new Muntons Flagship range focuses on craft beer enthusiasts, offering contemporary beer more typically seen in the craft brewing sector with beer styles including Hazy IPA 5% ABV, Milk Stout 4% ABV and West Coast IPA at 7% ABV. Muntons’ New Product Development teams worked with a group of 25 homebrewers, from those who are new to the hobby, through to experienced home beer maker.

Made with Muntons’ finest quality malt extract, the new Flagship kits come packed with hops and adjuncts, including amazing flavour premium hop pellets for dry-hopping and a hop straining bag. New to Muntons Flagship, is a step-by-step instruction guide tailored to the kit style, which allows the homebrewer to have the best experience in crafting 35 pints.

The maltster, which is based in Stowmarket and has sites in Bridlington, the USA and Thailand, is celebrating its centenary this year, and 2021 also marks 40 years since it first started homebrew manufacturing at Stowmarket.

Andrew Leedham, Senior Marketing Manager for Muntons Homebrew, said: “We’re delighted to bring our customers this excitingImage showing Muntons' five new Flagship Homebrew Kits new range of quality homebrew products made with the finest British barley.

“We know from the market feedback and the demand we saw over the last 18 months, that homebrewing is thriving as a popular hobby. We’re seeing a new generation of beer makers coming through and enjoying the experience, which makes it a really exciting time to be launching our Muntons Flagship range, designed to celebrate the craft.”

Muntons is wildly known as an industry leader in sustainability. In keeping with its green ethos, the malt used in the Muntons Flagship kits is grown locally to the maltings in Suffolk and Yorkshire and is 100% sustainable. The packaging has been specifically chosen because of the sustainability credentials, with 90% of it being recyclable.

The Muntons Flagship range is available in UK homebrew retailers now. We invite retailers that wish to stock the range to get in touch by emailing

Milk Day - 0% Milk Stout

It's World Milk Day!

And we have our Alcohol-free Milk Stout Recipe... - 0% Milk Stout!

Made from a dilution of Muntons Alcohol free Malt Extract at 4.3KG/HL as the base.
We then added 1KG of Roasted malt extract for colour and roast flavour as well as some coffee beans, lactose and cocoa nibs.

The dilution was then boiled and a CO2 hop extract was added for a mild bittering.

Filtered and bottled after the boiled the wort was chilled.

Let us know of any interest for our Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract here.

Muntons Crop Report May 2021

The grain team at our headquarters in Stowmarket has reviewed the current crop situation and released the following report.


To view full crop report Click Here

Muntons Launches Alcohol Free Malt Extract

Muntons Premium Alcohol Free Malt ExtractMuntons, one of the country’s leading suppliers of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients, has officially launched its new Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract.

Originally revealed at this year’s SIBA BeerX Online, the alcohol-free liquid extract is now available to commercial brewers both in the UK and abroad.

The maltster, which is based in Stowmarket and has sites in Bridlington, the USA and Thailand, has been developing the malt extract for two years, with the mindset of creating great tasting alcohol-free beer that is more accessible to all brewers. Versatile and easy to use, it designed the extract to give body, mouthfeel, and taste. Muntons’ latest innovation allows the brewer to include alcohol-free options in their range without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

Made by Muntons’ signature process of combining the heating and modifying of the wort sugars, it replicated the typical characteristics of beer. This then creates a malt extract with low sweetness and a mild fermentation aroma, which is an ideal versatile base that brewers can use to build on and create an alcohol-free version of their trademark brewing styles, ranging from hop forward IPAs to a hearty stout.

Vanessa Makings, Marketing Manager at Muntons, said: “With a quarter of adults saying they’re semi-regular drinkers of no or low alcohol,[1] we know that alcohol free is no longer a niche market. Consumers expect more choices and therefore we want to remove barriers for breweries that want to add alcohol free to their range.

"Muntons Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract makes the brewing of low or no alcohol beers simple and fuss-free. We’re delighted to bring our product to fruition.”

Famous for being one of the greenest maltsters in the country, Muntons’ Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract is made from 100% sustainable malt, sourced from farms local to the maltings in Suffolk and Bridlington.

To find out more or request a sample of Muntons Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract, click here or email


Learning at Work Week 2021 - Kickstart Scheme at Muntons

New Team Members Join Muntons Thanks to Government Kickstart Scheme The Kickstart Scheme

Muntons, one of the country’s leading suppliers of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients, has joined Kickstart Scheme Logo forces with the Department for Work and Pensions, as a Kickstart Scheme Employer.

The scheme supports 16 to 24-year-olds who've been in long-term unemployment and are ordinarily reliant on Universal Credit, gain valuable work experience. Working 25 hours a week, they receive skills training while earning at least the National Minimum Wage for their age group.

Muntons' cohort of five new team members joined its Flamborough Maltings in Bridlington in May. Joining the 100-year business are: Jonathan Cocking, Production Cleaner; Jack Hewitson Engineering Storeman; Robbie McLoone, COVID Security Operator; Conar Miles, Production Cleaner; and Jamie Milner, COVID Security Operator.

Kickstart Scheme EmployeeJack Hewitson, 19

Jack had been unemployed since he graduated from the Scarborough University Technical College in 2020, with qualifications in manufacturing engineering. Working with his Job Centre Plus Work Coach, they introduced him to the vacancies that Muntons offered. “I was excited when I saw the roles and I actually applied for one of the other positions. However, Muntons gave me some positive feedback and offered me the Engineering Storeman role. Which, thinking about it, is better suited to my qualifications and career plans.

“I was nervous on my first day Muntons, but everybody has made me feel comfortable and part of the team. They’re all helping me get a better understanding of the business and the malt industry. I’m making some wonderful friendships, being well looked after and feeling part of the team."

“I’d definitely recommend the Kickstart Scheme to those who are in the position I was in. I'm so excited each day to clock onto my shift and learn new skills. It’s brilliant working for an international company right on our doorstep in Bridlington.”

Kickstart Scheme Employee at MuntonsJamie Milner, 24

Jamie's a COVID Security Operator and was unemployed for a year. “This last year was tough, and it’s hard to find a job when you haven’t got the hands-on experience or there are more people searching for jobs than there are the vacancies.

"Working in an office doesn’t appeal to me; the role excited me because I like the idea of a physical job in a factory and being more hands-on.

“Everybody I talk to here has been incredibly supportive and even though I’ve only been here a few weeks, I feel like I’m settling in well. I’m enjoying myself and glad to be working again.”

Jamie continues: “Each week, we get together and take part in the employability course, which sets a good foundation for the next step of the scheme of job hunting. We don’t like to think about it because we’re enjoying our time here, but everybody needs to understand how to use LinkedIn, keep our CVs updated and get used to the experience of applying for new roles. It’s a great help.”

Kickstart Scheme Employee at MuntonsConar Miles, 19

Also introduced to the Kickstart Scheme by his Job Centre Plus Work Coach, was Conar, who'd been out of work for a year following an injury. Having completed his plumbing and motor vehicle qualifications at college, he was keen to use some of those transferable skills at Muntons and joined as a COVID Security Operator. “I’m excited to come to the site; it doesn’t feel like I’m at work because I’m enjoying myself. Everybody’s great to work with and so supportive.

“On Fridays, we are learning skills for life. Things like how to behave in the workplace, keep our CVs updated and how to handle interviews may sound basic, but when you haven’t got the experience, it’s a great help to be guided through these things.

“I’d love to stay at Muntons once the programme ends. It has a great reputation of being a place you can work for life, and it’s great I’ve got this opportunity to show what I’m capable of.”

Conar says he’d recommend the Kickstart Scheme to those who are in a similar position as he was: “Having been out of work for so long, the Scheme is a great way to ease people like me back into work after so long. It’s not an overwhelming number of hours to work and I’m building my confidence up. In a few months, I know I’m going to be ready to progress to full time and permanent employment.”

Why Muntons Signed Up to the Kickstart Scheme

Ed Woodmansey, Compliance Operations Manager at the Muntons Flamborough Maltings in Bridlington, heads up the Kickstart Scheme.

“The job market has always been extremely competitive. With so many people facing job losses because of COVID-19 pressures, it’s harder than ever. It’s especially tough right now for young people and we’re keen to help where we can. We're always keen for the younger generation to join our industry and so we're pleased to encourage that. We hope the experience and teachings our new recruits receive will help them build their careers in these most challenging of times.”

Find out how Andrew's been learning on the job

Learning at Work Week 2021 – Learning on the Job with Homebrew

Andrew Leedham, our Senior Marketing Manager, joined Muntons in September 2020. With a love for beer (as well as golf and chocolate), Andrew was more than happy to roll his sleeves up and learn more about our homebrew kits, all in the name of work!

So, as part of Learning at Work Week, we asked Andrew to put together his own beginners’ guide to home brewing.

Let’s look at the equipment we need to make our own beer:

Early watch-out; sanitise!

As a new homebrewer, I could *not* wait to get sanitisation out of the way and start putting the ingredients together. Don’t fall into this trap! Homebrewing is a science with live yeast feeding off its environment, so poor sanitisation will lead to off flavours, smells and potentially an infected wort. None of which makes for the perfect pint.

To avoid any contamination, ensure that you sterilise all the equipment before using it. The most efficient way to do this:

Now you’re ready to get brewing!

For my first kit, I brewed a Geordie Bitter on the advice of my colleagues; a relatively simple brewing process that consistently delivers outstanding quality homebrewed beer.

For your first few attempts at homebrewing, follow the ingredients and instructions to the letter. The flavour is packed within the malt extract and therefore you will want to get every drop out of the can.

Here are my top tips:

Mixing the ingredients:

Don’t disregard the importance of this step. If the ingredients aren’t mixed properly, it will affect the flavour of your homebrew:


Patience is key; always go by the hydrometer and don’t rush! Kits will ferment quickly if kept at the constant optimum temperature. For the typical homebrewer creating the magic in their kitchen or garage, this is not always possible. Your kit will come with an original gravity and final gravity figure in the instructions.

It’s important that you don’t start bottling until it has reached the final gravity.

Bottling & conditioning:

You’re nearly there, but there are still important tasks to do, including more sanitising! You’ve come this far, so don’t get caught out now; make sure you sanitise:


Now enjoy your home brewed beer!

It's Water Saving Week

When making malt extract, our evaporation process generates significant volumes of liquid condensate. To be as efficient as possible, we collect this in our water tanks and reuse it where it is most useful. Whenever our buffer tanks reach capacity, we then divert the condensate to our wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).
However, by working closely with our engineers and WWTP team, we have been able to reduce the amount of diversion by 80,000 litres a day; which equates to roughly 160 families' daily water usage. This avoids the need to heat a volume of water that is not required in the process and gives us the capacity to expand production in other areas that require the AD plant processing step. Footage was taken by Eclipse Aerial Photography

Muntons Crop Report April 2021

The grain team at our headquarters in Stowmarket has reviewed the current crop situation and released the following report.


To view full crop report Click Here

Master Brewers Podcast Episode 206: Practical Sustainability

In this Master Brewers podcast episode 206, host John Bryce talks with Muntons Technical and Sustainability Director Nigel Davies about practical sustainability and the carbon footprint of barley. Nigel Davies also shares some case studies and discusses how & why every brewery should take a practical approach to sustainability.

Follow this link to listen to the podcast…

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers. How Muntons is creating the leaders of the future with its apprenticeship scheme.

Muntons has been running its current apprenticeship scheme, better known as the management trainee programme with the West Suffolk College, since 2017.

Ellie Smith, who’s been with Muntons for 11 years, is currently completing her Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Operations and Departmental Management course and talks about her apprenticeship experience:

“I joined Muntons in January 2008 as a part-time receptionist and once my girls were a little older, I moved into a fulltime administrative role within our craft beer and wine department. This position gave me a good grounding and enabled me to learn more about the company and its products.

My next position was then in the customer service department where I continued my learning journey and worked with many of our overseas accounts. It was while working in the customer service team that I found that I wanted to learn more and when the opportunity arose to apply for a management trainee position, and in 2019 I started the programme and I haven’t looked back since.

University wasn’t on the cards for me, because I started my family when I was quite young. So, this was a chance for me to further my knowledge, broaden my understanding and gain a qualification at the end of the programme.”

The apprentices on Muntons’ programme follow the ILM curriculum, which is a nationally recognised management qualification. All ILM are supported by the West Suffolk College and the awards are given by The City and Guilds of London Institute. As part of the programme, those on the course gain valuable experience by working in all areas of the business.

Ellie continues: “Thanks to this course, I’ve been able to spend time in procurement and production, and I’m now currently working in HR.

I have the most understanding and encouraging tutor at the West Suffolk College, who I am in regular contact with, even during lockdown. She is incredibly supportive and I’m grateful to have her cheering me on, alongside the team at work.

Muntons is incredibly supportive and really does help us to get the best out of our role and ILM course. As an apprentice who’s training to become a manager, I’m given opportunities to apply my learnings within the business and not just the coursework.

I look forward to using everything I’ve learnt along the way and become a successful manager within the company. I’d certainly recommend furthering your career by taking up an apprenticeship; being paid to learn on the job is an excellent opportunity and one that I’m pleased I took up.”

Muntons Crop Review 2020

The grain team at our headquarters in Stowmarket has reviewed the year’s quality and quantity of the barley intake and we’re now able to report on our 2020 crop.

To view full crop report Click here

2020 Review and Thanks

As we wrap up our 99th year, we wanted to take some time to not only reflect on the achievements we’ve made and the obstacles we’ve faced, but also offer our gratitude and thanks to our customers.

We know this has been a very tough year for many businesses throughout the industries that we support. However, if it weren’t for you, our customers, we wouldn’t be about to embark on our centenary and we’re grateful for your loyalty and excited for our future together.

So, it goes without saying, but thank you!

Thanks to:
James Robinson, Eclipse Aerial Photography - Drone Footage
Tim Simpson Photography

Muntons Set to Decarbonise 100 Million Kilowatt Hours of Heat with New Energy Centre

Muntons, the UK’s leading malt product manufacturer and distributor, is set to slash its carbon emissions by 23,545 tonnes per year in an exciting new partnership which will see a 14MW biomass boiler installed at its Stowmarket site.

The project is being led by AMP Clean Energy which will operate the energy and steam supply under an Energy Supply Agreement to Muntons for its manufacturing process. Working in partnership with AMP Clean Energy on the project is Vital Energi, to deliver an optimised design and has been appointed as the Principal Contractor on the £16.5m project.

Mark Tyldesley, Group Managing Director at Muntons, said: “Muntons is recognised as a leader in sustainability projects throughout the industry. Through our focus on carbon reduction we have already cut greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter over the past ten years, exceeding our climate change agreement target.”

He continued: “The headline Science Based Target (SBT) for manufacturing is to reduce carbon emissions by 87% by 2050. Our Director of Technical and Sustainability, Dr Nigel Davies, has led our systematic approach to carbon reduction as part of our sustainability strategy and we have taken early action long before the SBT were introduced.

“Our emissions reduction journey before 2010 is recognised as contributing to our SBT and our target is to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 45% by 2025 from a 2010 baseline, together with a 30% reduction in scope 3. Crucial to us hitting this target is installing biomass heating at both of our UK malting sites. Working collaboratively with specialists AMP Clean Energy continue to deliver on our mantra of ‘Practical Sustainability’.”

Richard Burrell, CEO of AMP Clean Energy, said: “This is a major low-carbon project that will deliver significant sustainability benefits for Muntons. Muntons is a true sustainability leader in the food and drink sector and the use of biomass heat is central to its ability to hit its science-based target. It is fantastic that such a major project will come on-line next April, and we are proud to work with trailblazers like Muntons which will assist the UK’s net zero transition.”

Regional Director for Vital Energi, Mike Cooke explains, “This project is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how decarbonisation can be made feasible. We worked in partnership with Muntons and AMP Clean Energy to develop a scheme which would maximise both carbon reductions and projects economics, with the result being a reduction in emissions of over 470,000 tonnes over the course of the 20-year contract.

“The food and drink industry is a huge consumer of energy and we believe this partnership is a great example of how manufacturers can decarbonise their processes whilst improving their bottom line.”

When complete, the energy solution will provide almost all steam, heat and electricity for Muntons’ Stowmarket site. Work has started on site with commissioning scheduled for mid-2021.

Photo: James Robinson, Eclipse Aerial Photography

Muntons recommends teams at home to put mental health first.

Muntons, one of the country’s leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients has kicked off a working from home wellbeing programme. The maltster, which is based in Stowmarket and has sites in Bridlington, the USA and Thailand, is encouraging team members to take time away from their screens by rolling out a scheme which includes a variety of tea breaks, such as ten-minute yoga and wellbeing sessions. Employees have also had a lunch hour blocked out in their Outlook diaries, to prevent meetings being scheduled across that hour.

Led by the company’s work from home committee, team members are also invited to socialise with their colleagues by taking part in post work drinks on Wednesdays, cooking lessons and a Christmas quiz next month.

Many studies prove the importance of breaks during the working day and the positive impact they have on not only productivity but mental and physical health.
Eamonn Sparkes, Muntons’ Head of HR, said: “Like many companies, we didn’t envisage the work from home guidance lasting for so long and we’re conscious that this has meant less social interaction for a lot of us during this time.”

Muntons is particularly aware of how the days are getting shorter with the winter arriving and its Leadership Team hopes that its employees who are working from home all day, can get out and be active while it is still light.

Eamonn continues: “While we’re not making these events or the full hour-long break mandatory, we are asking that everybody makes sure they don’t sit in the same position, facing their screens all day, every day.”

Priding itself on being an employer where teams enjoy themselves, Muntons has a low employee turnover, with the average time a colleague stays with the maltster being 11 years. It isn’t unheard of for employees to work for the business for decades either, with colleagues still working for Muntons for 30, 40 and even 50 years.

Eamonn ends with: “We’re finding our new virtual socials and sessions are encouraging cross-departmental conversations, which have been sorely missed. That quick chat on the corridor or at the water cooler about last night’s TV seem like a thing of the past, so it’s wonderful to see people socialising once again.”


Photo: Richard Platt, Senior New Product Development Technologist, is the host of “Come Bake with Me” this month.
Copyright: Tim Simpson Photography

Malt versus Sugar – What are the issues in relation to nutritional content and health claims? By Dr Nigel Davies, Director of Technical and Sustainability, Muntons, UK

The Sugar Dilemma -

There is a growing lobby of people seeking to control the amount of sugar included in a balanced human diet. Often when one component of the diet is singled out for attention those involved in nutritional or medical research take strongly entrenched views that are difficult to understand for those buying food products. Where advice seems most compelling it is often reinforced with legislation. However, we are all aware that advice can change quite dramatically over a short to medium term time scale. Currently there is talk or introduction of legislation in sugar in different countries around the world. The so-called sugar tax in the UK is a good example of this with a clear target of having a maximum of 5% free sugars in food for human consumption. For manufacturers making products which are covered by the legislation it would be easy to try to be defensive and look for alternative research that refutes the need for restricted use. However, for malted ingredients there is a much more positive message to publicise: that malt is healthy and wholesome, contains a natural source of sugar together with an impressive range of additional nutritive benefits.


To view the full report - click here

An important message to our customers and channel partners.

On Saturday 31 October, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced that as of Thursday 5 November, England will be placed under a second COVID-19 lockdown. These measures will last at least until Wednesday 2 December.

Muntons’ manufacturing operations are not affected by these new rules and we will continue to operate safely according to COVID-19 secure guidelines and to full capacity.

Team members who can work from home have been and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our priority is to make sure our colleagues remain safe during these difficult times.

For further updates, please contact your sales manager or visit our website.

We hope that you, your teams and families continue to stay safe during this time.

Muntons Invest in New Energy Centre

Generating energy locally...

Working in conjunction with AMP Clean Energy, Muntons, the Stowmarket based malt and malted ingredient manufacturer, has signed an agreement to install a new Energy Centre at their site in Stowmarket.

The new energy centre will be located in the North-West corner of their site and will include a Biomass boiler, a gas-powered combined Heat and Power generator and two, back-up, gas-powered boilers.

This new facility will provide virtually all of their site’s future steam, heat and electricity requirements, whilst also significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Mark Tyldesley, Muntons Group Managing Director commented: “We have recently installed a Biomass heat and energy plant at our maltings in Bridlington in Yorkshire, and have already seen significant benefits, including a dramatic reduction in our carbon footprint.  So much so, that with our new plant at Stowmarket this will bring us in line with our science-based target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45%, based on 2010 levels by 2025.”

He continued: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate another major milestone in the history of the site at Stowmarket and look forward to a bright future of sustainable energy supply of which we can all be proud.”

Work on the new facility will begin shortly and it is anticipated that the new Biomass plant will begin generating heat and electricity for Muntons from early spring next year.



Photo of Muntons biomass plant at Bridlington – Source: Muntons

Message about 2020 events

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made 2020 an exceptionally difficult year for all of us, our families, our friends and for our businesses. We, and others in our industry, have had to make some difficult decisions to ensure that we are all protected from the covid-19 virus.  Amongst the precautions which have proved necessary has been the cancellation of some historically important exhibitions and trade fairs.  Events that have decided to remain open will inevitably suffer from dramatically reduced footfall as social distancing requirements are enforced.


It is with regret that we must share with you our decision not to attend or exhibit at this year’s Brau, FI Asia or FI Europe.  These events have always proved to be enjoyable and fruitful, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy spending time with our business partners, perhaps over a drink, where the benefits that working together can bring.  We are hopeful that things will return to normal soon but in the meantime we will ensure that we remain in contact with our customers, suppliers and trade partners through virtual meetings. Please do let us know if you would like us to schedule such a meeting.


If you would like to know more about Muntons, our products or just want to know what we are doing, please follow us through social media, on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or twitter or visit our website where you will find our latest news

Secretary of State for International trade discusses Brexit deal with Muntons

On Friday 4th September Liz Truss the Secretary of State for International Trade along with Muntons local MP Jo Churchill visited the company to meet with Mark Tyldesley, Muntons Managing Director, and Neil Pearmain, Muntons Ingredients Sales Director, to discuss concerns over possible Brexit outcomes.

During the course of the visit, the Minister was given a tour of the site and in particular the new germination boxes and evaporator three, two areas where significant sums have been invested to ensure Muntons readiness for the future. Liz Truss was accompanied by her special advisors and their film crew, who covered the event through their social media platforms.

Liz Truss offered strong words of support for the company, stressing that she wanted a Canada style deal which would allow the UK to continue to export to the EU tariff free and allow the EU to export to us. She is seeking removal of the US tax on Scotch Whisky and is looking to formalise the existing terms with japan whereby our customers don’t face import duty on malt.

Mark Tyldesley emphasised that although there was uncertainty over the final outcome of the Brexit negotiation, Muntons sees these as short-term issues and that the company is strong enough to get through this without a problem.   He stressed we are looking for reassurance that the Government understands the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on industry, and in particularly on our malted ingredients business.

Kim Riley, chief reporter for BBC Look East, interviewed both Mark Tyldesley and Liz Truss in preparation for the coverage aired on Friday evening’s Look East news programme.  During the course of the two-minute prime time coverage, Muntons site and production areas were clearly in evidence and Richard Platt, Muntons senior food technologist, demonstrated some of the extensive range of malted ingredients made by the company.

Sarah Chambers, reporter for the East Anglian Daily Times, also attended with their photographer, capturing the occasion both on camera and in video. click here to read the full coverage and view their video.


Photo Source: EADT photographer BRITTANY WOODMAN

Muntons make more than malt

Making malt is not enough for one UK maltster.  Muntons based in Stowmarket, Suffolk, have just announced that they have reached a genuine milestone having generated 10 million Kilowatt hours of electricity since opening their Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant in 2015, enough electricity to power 2,000 average sized homes every year.

Muntons AD plant has been operational since January 2015 making Muntons the first maltster in the UK to take this bold step for increased sustainability. Not only does it generate electricity, it also makes significant reductions in road haulage.  By using their own process waste water, residues from the processing of barley into malt and malt extract, they have saved the equivalent of 3,000 tonnes of Greenhouse gas emissions. This substantial saving is the equivalent of the emissions from 1,600 cars every year.

The Muntons AD plant doesn’t only produce electricity, a by-product of the process is a high quality digestate, or bio-fertiliser, which can then be used on local farms to enrich the soil, helping to ensure top quality crops are grown ready to be malted. It really is full circle sustainable thinking in action.

Nigel Davies, Muntons Director of Technical and Sustainability commented: “Our decision to build an AD plant has proved to be well founded, making a valuable contribution to our energy requirements.  Generating energy locally is efficient and environmentally sound, and the positive impact on nature is significant, reducing greenhouse gasses and helping to enrich the soil on local farms.”

Muntons have calculated that since the plant was commissioned, they have produced 5,606,175 cubic metres of biogas.  They have also treated 411,000 cubic metres of waste water, which is then safely introduced into the river Gipping to help keep the fish swimming and the river flowing.

Muntons leads the way in sustainability

Muntons is proud to be the first maltster to commit to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap coordinated in the UK by WRAP, a not for profit organisation and IGD research and training charity. Muntons, the malt and malted ingredient manufacturer based in Stowmarket, Suffolk, have long been recognised as the leader in sustainability within the malting industry and with this initiative are expanding their leadership further by also helping to champion sustainability in the food industry.

Muntons food waste is minimal at 0.51% but the ethos of looking for any waste reduction opportunity and sharing our actions through case studies is consistent with their company values. An increasing number of businesses, now representing over 60% of the UK food and drink sector by turnover, are adopting the approach designed to ‘Target, Measure, Act’ on food waste;  critical to the UK achieving national targets of a 50% food waste reduction by 2030 across the whole food chain.

To meet these national and global targets, a collaborative and concerted effort to reduce food waste is required.   This will focus on the prevention of food surplus and waste being generated in the first place, redistributing surplus food that does arise and diverting surplus food which cannot be used to feed people into animal feed and high value biomaterial processing.

Muntons Director of Technical and Sustainability Dr Nigel Davies says “Muntons is pleased to promote the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap as a proactive focus with measurable outcomes. We are proud to continue to take the lead in the malting supply chain in adopting a practical sustainability ethos described here as: Target, Measure, Act.”  He continued: “The agricultural supply chain uses valuable natural resources to create highly nutritive food yet globally at least 30% of that food is wasted before it gets to the consumer and then after it is taken home. Muntons is a strong supporter of the UN SDG’s and pleased to join the growing number of supply chain partners who think positively about a sustainable future that starts right now.”

Peter Maddox, WRAP Director, said: “The link between food waste and climate change is something we can no longer ignore. Globally, around a third of all food is wasted and the IPCC estimated that food waste contributed nearly 10% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions, between 2010 and 2016. Having the support of companies like Muntons is crucial in helping to mitigate against this problem through their own actions, and by engaging with their customer base. We are delighted that Muntons is supporting the UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap in this way and will work with its clients to influence change. We would encourage others to follow its lead.”

Anne Bordier, Charity Programmes Director at IGD, said: “I am delighted that Muntons has become the latest business to support the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, joining us on this incredibly important journey to reduce food waste. IGD and WRAP continue to work very closely with all the companies signed up to the Roadmap, giving them the tools to understand how they can measure and reduce food waste. Our industry has made great strides on this important issue, but we are not complacent – we recognise there is more we can, and will, be doing in the future.”


Notes to editor

IGD and WRAP led an industry-wide programme to develop the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap consulting with businesses, trade bodies and others from agriculture, food production and manufacture, retail and the hospitality and food service sector.

IGD is a research and training charity which sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry. It has a trading subsidiary that provides commercial services. The profits from these commercial services fund the charity. As a charity they exist to upskill people working in or looking to join the food and grocery industry and manage initiatives driven by research and best practice relating to science, technology or economics in the food industry.



Coronavirus Update



The measures we have put in place are designed to take care of our colleagues at Muntons and our partners in the supply chain. We have aligned our guidance with the UK government advice to ensure that we play our part in helping contain and delay the spread of the coronavirus.

To read Muntons Coronavirus statement click here

Dr Nigel Davies
Director of Technical and Sustainability
+44 (0) 7786 336820
7th April 2020

Yeast Is A Brewer Too

In the current climate of Covid19 and national lockdown we at Muntons have been contacted by our partners in the brewing industry to support them with solutions to keep one of their most valuable employees alive. I’m of course speaking about every brewers’ house yeast, that needs to be fed with wort on a regular basis to ensure its vitality and cell count is always raring to go. In many breweries the management of the house yeast is a critical aspect of the business, with some breweries having reached generation numbers in the thousands.  


Several of our customers have been forced by the current circumstances to stop production of wort and beer. This situation has led to some brewers having to come in on a weekly basis to brew short runs just to keep the yeast fed. We have investigated the suggestions made by brewers, engaging our own experts in the fields of brewing and liquid malt extract production and have found our brewing extracts to be highly suitable for growing yeast. We are currently looking into the best setups to enable optimal yeast growth with a minimum amount of staff and time spent on site.  


A solution we are currently looking at is setting up a sterile FV next to a yeast management FV. The idea is to make a dilution of malt extract in water and boil it for 30minutes to ensure it is sterile. This solution could then be pumped into a sterilised FV via the heat exchange. The FV will need to be sealed to ensure no bacteria or wild yeast can enter. The temperature in this FV should be set to 5 -10C to keep the wort in good condition.  


A few hundred litres of wort could then be transferred via a clean pump and pipework to a second FV. If possible, the transfer would go via the oxygenation line to up the O2 level in the wort. This would then be left at 18 - 23 C for a 2-3 days this depends on every brewers’ house yeast behaviour. You will know how long your lag phase is before fermentation kicks in and how long fermentations tend to take to start dropping. To be more scientific, you can measure the gravity of the fermenting wort and when it starts dropping you will want to go to the next step. 


At this point we would suggest dropping the temperature to about 15C to slow down the yeast a bit and dropping out the fermenting wort until the yeast layer appears. Then after sanitising the equipment add more wort from the boiled wort tank into the yeast FV and give it another 2-3 days again you will know best how long your yeast will need. 


When the boiled wort tank runs out you should have a large volume of viable yeast that you can pack into you preferred yeast storage containers. You will be able to rack the yeast from a racking valve after dropping the fermented wort out of the system, thus removing the potential dangers off top cropping. This also requires far less volume in the tank as you won't need to fill the tank to the top. 


Pack some of the yeast into your standard yeast storage containers and then as soon as you reach the maximum cold storage time you are comfortable with, repeat the process.  

This process would enable a single person to keep the yeast going. It will also reduce the amount of time spent on site working alone and especially reduce the amount of time spent on ladders cropping yeast. 


The entire process can be run on a small scale should you have the equipment. This would also remove the requirement of boiling the dilution as you could make a new one every time you need to add oxygenated wort to the yeast. We will continue looking into ways of supporting our partners throughout the brewing industry in these difficult times to keep breweries and team members going with technical brewing support and creative new ways of applying our knowledge.

For more information on Muntons malts or if you have a technical brewing enquiry, then please contact 


Muntons Sponsor 2020 National Bakery Awards

Muntons are proudly sponsoring the 2020 National Bakery Awards!

Open to all bakeries throughout the UK, both retail and wholesale, the National Bakery Awards celebrates your hard work. Those entering need to choose their best individual site within the business – be that a production bakery or retail shop – with our judges choosing the best County Winners from across the UK.

The County Winners will then be crowned at a glamorous red carpet celebration at 30 Euston Square, London on Wednesday 11 March 2020. What's more, each bakery will also be in the running to be crowned a Regional Winner on the evening, as well as the overall National Bakery of the Year.

For more information about the competition and for the application form, please visit  

To enter for free of charge, please contact

£6.4 million investment in new Peating Plant

Muntons the malted ingredient and malt manufacturer based in Stowmarket Suffolk and Bridlington in North Yorkshire has officially opened a new £6.4 million Peating plant in Yorkshire.

The plant is situated in a remote rural area in the Yorkshire Wold around an hour from our Bridlington maltings which produces over 100,000 tonnes of malt a year.  Green malt (partially germinated barley) from the Bridlington maltings will be sent for final kilning and incorporation of the peated flavour (defined as phenol) to supply the growing whisky businesses globally.

There is strong demand for peated malt as whisky sales continue to grow and this new plant is already attracting advance orders from customers, old and new. The plant is forecast to produce up to 12,000 tonnes of peated malt a year of varying strengths of phenol to match specific customer demands. It will be predominantly supplied in three strengths, heavily peated, medium peated and lightly peated. and Customers will be able to purchase from Muntons both whole or crushed peated malt, in sacks, totes and bulk.

The authentic flavour of peated malt will be produced and blended at our site at Tithe Top, Yorkshire using peat from Scotland.  The site uses a reed bed to clean the water discharges and liquid petroleum gas to avoid having to disturb the landscape installing new gas pipelines. Costing £6.4M it is another significant investment from Muntons as part of a £65M programme to expand capacity to meet demands from our existing and growing customer base.

Mark Tyldesley, Muntons Managing Director commented: “It has been over 30 years since Muntons has launched anything of this scale in the UK, so this is particularly exciting for us. Our ambitious expansion plans are well on track and it’s great to see the new peating plant already producing some very successful product trials.”

This new production facility means that Muntons will be looking to recruit five more production operatives within their production area over the course of the next few months.



Muntons launch EasySour™ to the craft brewing market

Beer drinkers these days seem to be drinking less but drinking better, served by the growing number of craft breweries and the increasing diversity of beer styles on offer to the beer aficionado.  Amongst the raft of delicious new beers available is a steadily growing trend towards beer ‘sours’ which have proved to be particularly popular in the USA.

As a major supplier to the growing craft brewing movement, Muntons, the Stowmarket based malt and malted ingredient manufacturer, have just released an innovative new product to help brewers make these sought-after sour beers with the minimum of fuss.

According to Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery in the USA, sour beers are less than one half of one percent of craft beer but they are 95% of what craft beer fans talk about now because they are fascinating and delicious and have captured the moment.

For the brewer to brew ‘soured’ beers a combination of bacteria, wood and time are essential. Using traditional Belgian style lambic brewing techniques can be problematic for the craft brewer, tying up brewing vessels for lengthy periods as the tart, soured flavours have to round and mature before the beer is ready to serve.

Muntons have developed an innovative new product they call ‘EasySour™’ to simplify and speed the process, reduce cost and remove risk.  Their new product is designed to be added either during or after fermentation and introduces the refreshing ‘soured’ taste without the need for extended storage or the risks associated through the use of bacteria within the brewery.

EasySour™ is made predominantly from Muntons malt extract blended with ingredients to safely and swiftly achieve the souring effect in a vast range of beer styles.  Soured beers are proving particularly popular with athletes looking for a post-activity, thirst quenching beer.

Fabian Clarke, Muntons New Product Development Brewing Technologist commented: “Easysour™ is so simple to use; it’s perfect for the craft brewer looking to brew soured beers in a quick and fool-proof way.  This is without doubt one of the most innovative brewing products on the market today.” He continued: “I would be happy to provide samples and more information to any brewer wanting to delve into this rapidly growing market segment.”


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Product of The Month: Malt Extract

Muntons is know the world over as a manufacturer of the highest-quality malt extract.  Mention malt extract and brewers will recognise this ingredient as something predominantly used in the food and baking industry, as a sweetener, a flavour enhancer or just for its wonderful malt flavour.   There is however a dramatic difference between malt extracts made for food use, where high levels of protein are deemed beneficial, and malt extract made for brewing.

We developed our Cedarex product line specifically with brewing in mind.  Made from the finest brewing quality ale malt, Cedarex malt extracts are useful ingredients for the modern craft brewer where brewing capacity has become an issue.  The Cedarex range is available in a range of colour intensities and as a wort extender will increase brewhouse capacity without having to compromise on flavour through the use of sugars or syrups.

Another malt extract range developed for the craft brewer is NTense.  These are highly aromatic and flavourful extracts, introducing notes of treacle, toffee and stone fruit, as well as increasing colour, Melanoidin developed in the malt extract during its manufacture also increases the stability of beers and slows oxidation.

If you are looking at adding colour to beer, with minimal flavour addition then the Clarimalt range will prove ideal.  Made from 100% Black malt, Clarimalt has been developed to add colour with just a hint of roasted flavours.  Perfect in Black IPA’s or for subtle colour modifications in red-ales and lagers.

Century malt extract is a diastatic malt extract which is proving highly useful in the production of extra dry beers, such as Brut IPA’s and Light lagers.   Naturally occurring enzymes present in brewing malt are extracted and concentrated through our malt extract process to produce our Century malt extract.  These enzymes will convert un-malted starch and other residuals into fermentable sugar.  Useful for the brewer to change the sugar profile of the beer through its use in the fermentation vessel to break down residuals and increase attenuation levels.

Malt of the Month: Toasted Barley Flakes

Muntons toasted barley flakes are un-malted, lightly toasted, pre-gelatinised barley flakes.  Recently introduced into our range of malted and un-malted ingredients, toasted barley flakes can be used in a wide variety of brewing applications.

The light toasting of the barley flakes brings an interesting complexity to the flavour and aroma of beers, whilst also adding depth and improving mouthfeel, although they are predominantly used because of the benefits they bring to mouthfeel and body.  The flakes have a balanced cereal-forward taste, followed by a slightly creamy and silky body, making it a perfect addition in Stouts and Cream Ales.

We would recommend an inclusion rate of 2-7% for Stouts and Cream Ales, but this should be varied depending on the style of beer and the desired body – use a little less for lighter beer styles.   It works particularly well in hop-forward beers because of its clean and balanced flavour profile.

The current trend for hazy beer styles make this an ideal adjunct as the high percentage of unmodified protein can add a stable but clean haze.  Useful in New England IPA’s for example, where we would recommend a usage ratio of 10- 20% to create a stable beer haze.

Malt of the Month: Super Pale

This exceptionally pale malt is ideal for brewers looking to create the palest ales possible while still retaining sufficient body to ensure a full mouthfeel.   Super pale has been created with two main point in mind:  As low a colour as possible and the ability to play really well with hops.  By using a specifically developed combination of germination and kilning profiles, this malt achieves a full flavour profile, very akin to an extra pale ale malt, whilst only developing two-thirds of its colour.

The light colour and clean flavour profile of Muntons Super Pale malt lend themselves to multiple beer styles.  Using this exceptional malt, brewers can create extremely low colour beer with reddish and copper hues, a characteristic which also lends itself to the creation of vibrantly coloured fruit-beers.  Here, the low colour of the malt allows the colour of the selected fruit of choice to really shine through.

A creative recipe suggestion is to use Super Pale in combination with grapes as a base, then ferment with an ‘estery’ ale yeast to create a white wine ale.  This could even be turned into a white wine ‘brut’ IPA by adding some AMG enzyme to encourage further fermentation to produce a ‘dry’ beer then finish with a champagne yeast.

Malt of the Month: Planet

Planet is Muntons new flagship spring barley variety, now replacing Propino as the most popular spring brewing variety of malting barley grown in the UK.  Planet has proved to so versatile, it has become the most widely grown cereal variety in the world.

We are blessed in the UK with arguably the prime climate for barley growing.  Couple this with the extreme care taken during the malting process by our malting team, and the result is outstanding. Muntons Pale and Muntons Extra Pale malts made from Planet malting barley are considered by many to be some of the finest Spring barley malts available.

Planet has a high yield and performs very well in the brewhouse.  We recommend a mashing temperature of at least 65⁰ C., as this is the average gelatinisation temperature for this variety. Mashing at a lower temperature could cause a slow conversion or even stall as the starch might not fully gelatinise.

Planet has a cereal-forward taste complemented with a mild nuttiness, imparted because of its slightly higher attenuation level.   It has a lower ‘masking’ effect than either Venture or Maris Otter leading to an increase in the impact of aroma hops and yeast aromas.  Care must be taken as this also means that any brewing errors are less easily covered.

In our tests, Planet has performed very well and feedback from brewers using this variety has been very positive, particularly with extract levels and flavour profiles.

Malt of the Month: Pilsner Malt

The craft beer movement having concentrated largely on traditional ales, porters and stouts is now showing interest in Lager.  Traditional bottom fermented lagers, matured or ‘lagered’ for weeks or months at low temperatures, develop a character and drinkability far removed from the chill filtered, highly carbonated beers traditionally sold as lager in the UK.

Muntons Pilsner Malt has been malted to provide the perfect base for craft brewer’s lager.  This malt, which is related to our traditional Lager Malt, has its very own production profile, which ensures that the brewing process will be as smooth as possible.  With our Pilsner malt, we have slightly increased the modification and reduced the Beta Glucan level by 45%.   Not only does this improve the brewing performance of our pilsner malt but it also adds flavours reminiscent of honey and freshly baked biscuits.

A further benefit of our pilsner malt is its high level of enzyme activity – both DP and DU.  This will increase the speed of starch conversion and increase the attenuation levels of the beer.   When brewing, we recommend mashing at 62 -63 C for a traditional lager.

If you are aiming to brew something with a little more malt character, try combining Muntons Pilsner with 5-10% Muntons Cara Malt 10.

The high diastatic power of this malt allows the brewer to experiment with high levels of non-malted adjunct addition, useful if you are seeking something a little unique or unusual.  This is also useful when aiming to reduce residual sweetness in beers such as a New England IPA or a Big Stout, where simply replacing as little as 25% of the ale malt with Pilsner Malt will increase the grist conversion rate.

Malt of the Month: Mild Malt

We have been making the finest malts for nearly 100 years, and during that time beer styles have come and gone.  One beer style we are particularly happy to see return is traditional British Mild.  The return to fashion of this classic beer style has meant that we could once again make a mild ale malt confident of interest from the market.

Our Mild malt is made from British winter barley, which makes it a very consistent and reliable malt. The germination and kilning profiles are adjusted to create a malt with will bring increased sweetness and body in the beer, ideal for brewers aiming to reproduce this historically significant beer.   It is the slightly decreased fermentability of our Mild Malt, which imparts this more malty and sweet flavour.

Muntons mild ale malt is also a great base material for No and Low alcohol beer.  Also when used in conjunction with our Cara Malt 10 and our innovative new Muntons Sour Malt Extract, we were able to develop a perfectly balanced and very drinkable 0.5% ABV Ale.

Malt of the Month: Melanoidin Malt

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Melanoidin Wheat Malt.  This innovation in speciality malt is the result of numerous trials to achieve the perfect balance between an aromatic Maillard product and toasty biscuit notes.  These qualities make this malt an ideal choice for the brewer looking to enhance their beer style with something a little bit special. We use a unique kilning technique, which enables us to introduce more colour and flavour than is traditionally possible for straight kilned malts.

In percentages of 1 to 5%, Melanoidin Wheat malt will increase malt character, boost head formation and head retention and enhance mouthfeel. When used in percentages of 10-20%, Melanoidin Wheat malt will impart a flavour profile with elements of breadcrust, biscuits and cooked wheat.   It will also significantly improve the body of the beer.  We would suggest a maximum inclusion rate of 30%. In addition to the flavour enhancement, the high percentage of Melanoidins increases beer stability and has been shown to help reduce oxidation.

Malt of the Month: Maris Otter

It is usual for malting barley varieties to be grown for typically five to ten years, until they are superseded by newer, higher yielding and more robust varieties.   Maris Otter however is the exception.

Although there have been many varieties with higher yields and extracts, none have managed to remove Maris Otter from its position as the best known and longest surviving heritage variety.  Its characteristic taste and outstanding processability, coupled with its historic significance make this a variety likely to remain a craft brewing favourite for many years to come.

Brewers looking for extra malt flavour, should consider this traditional malt; this British staple – Maris Otter.  Introducing strong cereal, biscuit and nutty notes in beer, Maris Otter remains one of the most popular malt varieties available for the serious craft brewer.

Malt of the Month: Dark Crystal Rye

We offer a wide range of speciality malts ranging from low colour crystals to highly roasted black malts.  One of the more unusual amongst our wide range of speciality malts is Dark Crystal Rye malt which is a particular favourite of ours.

This highly aromatic caramelised rye is perfect for adding breadcrust notes and bringing a touch of sweetness to any recipe.   When incorporated in the grist at high inclusion rates, it delivers flavours reminiscent of hazelnut and toffee.  Dark Crystal Rye malt has a colour of 230 EBC making it the perfect addition to introduce a red to copper hue to a beer.

When used in conjunction with extra low colour Ale Malts such as Muntons Super Pale they balance perfectly, as they allow more of the intense copper colour to shine through.

Malt of the Month: Cara Malt 10

Cara Malt 10 is Muntons lowest colour crystal malt.  With its light colour and mild flavour, Cara Malt 10 can be added to even the lightest beer styles without affecting the core flavour profile. This malt is designed to bring body, improve mouthfeel and add character to beers, although the degree of effect will depend on the rate at which Cara Malt 10 is added.   As the Malt is only partially crystallised, and still has some enzyme activity, it can be included in ratios of up to a maximum of 30% in traditional beer styles.

At higher dosage inclusions, (20 -30%) the overall attenuation will be reduced but it will introduce added body and sweetness to the beer.  In modern no and low alcohol beers, which are rapidly growing in popularity, it has the potential to be used in exceptionally high dosages of 50 -75%.  At these levels it gives the beer a solid highly flavourful base which is not as fermentable as a more typical standard wort.

Highly attenuated beers such as Lagers, Brut IPAs, Saisons and Wild fermentations really benefit from the inclusion of some Cara Malt 10, as the high percentage of dextrins and complex sugars bring a depth to these beer styles reducing the chance that the beer might be too thin or too dry.  Just a small inclusion of 2-3% is all it takes.   Have a go yourself – you will be convinced.

Brexit Statement – Update

In light of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we are doing all we can to mitigate any potential risks which may arise.

To that end, we are currently working hard to achieve an HMRC recognised accreditation which will enable us to become an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).  This is a status which exists across the UK and Europe.  It is designed to introduce security measures with the purpose of securing the international supply chain. It achieves this by preventing smuggling, tampering, false documentation, identity fraud and theft.  The benefits include simplified customs procedures and the possibility of fast tracking shipments in some cases.

As a company involved in the international supply chain, we must ensure that all cargo we control is safe and secure at all times.  Having the AEO accreditation will guarantee a secure transit and ensure we are recognised as ‘trusted traders’. In addition, it is crucial we ensure we are fully compliant with customs rules in order to avoid penalties.

We have partnered with a leading Customs compliance consultancy to assist us with our AEO application, Vartan Consultancy. Together with Vartan we are closely monitoring all updates from HMRC regarding the possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Vartan are assisting us with Customs training to enable us to deal with the re-introduction of Customs declarations on goods moving between the UK and the EU.

Gaining AEO accreditation will allow Muntons easier access to any facilitation or simplifications that HMRC may introduce in an attempt to prevent delays at Channel ports in the event of a ‘No Deal’ situation. It is likely that access to such facilitations will only be granted to ‘Trusted Traders’, achieving AEO will elevate Muntons to trusted trader status with HMRC.