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Food & Beverage Ingredients

We manufacture a comprehensive range of malted ingredients developed specifically to meet the needs of our food and beverage customers.
Our ranges of liquid and dried malt extracts, malt flours and flakes, are available in a wide variety of colour and textures, with and without diastatic activity. All are made in our Stowmarket plant using our own malts made from top quality, locally sourced malted barley.

Malted ingredients for Food & Drinks

There are countless opportunities to use malt to improve the texture, flavour and colour of foods and drinks. Malt is also a proven healthy alternative to traditional sweeners and flavour enhancers, making it the number one ingredient for those looking to use less sugar and salt in their recipes.

Applications & Recipes

Our malted ingredients are ideal for the creative food and beverage manufacturer looking to introduce something a little special to their products.
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