Practical Sustainability

Sustainability is the common objective that links all aspects of business activities here at Muntons.
We are proud that our work has been recognised by peers and experts with a clutch of awards.

This is an honour, but the external verification we are most passionate about is that of our data and business practices. The sustainability scorecards of EcoVadis are extremely broad, looking in detail at a company's environmental, social and ethical responsibilities.

We are proud that Muntons holds the highest platinum rating, which puts us in the top 1% of all companies worldwide.

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The British Government has a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78% before 2035. Here at Muntons, we have proudly challenged ourselves to be well ahead of the curve on carbon savings. In 2022 we expect to have decarbonised each tonne of malt from our UK maltings by a staggering 70% and have challenged ourselves further by bringing forward our target to be a carbon net-zero business by 2030. Watch our video to discover more.

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Muntons is pioneering regenerative agriculture projects with global leaders in brewing and distilling. Leveraging our outstanding relationships and working with the entire supply chain to achieve practical sustainability from grain to glass. 

We work hard to ensure we maintain the highest standards and accreditation and expect our suppliers to share our values and focus on quality every step of the way. 
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We believe in taking action and making responsible choices for a sustainable future, we call it Practical Sustainability.
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Muntons is proud to state that its malt is 100% sustainable. This has been verified by external audit
Muntons has a bold plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: it has set a Science-based target to reduce emissions by 45% from 2010 levels within 15 years
Muntons was a founder member of a farmer support group to improve the supply chain sustainability and resilience of over 140 farmers through its Sustainable Futures initiative
Muntons is a verified ethical supplier as evidenced through successful Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) audits
We have reduced the carbon footprint of our barley supply chain by 32% ovr 12 years. our process GHG emissions per tonne are 24% less in the same period. We have sent less than 0.1% to landfill every year for the past 9 years
Muntons is rated above average for supply chain engagement by the Carbon Disclosure Programme against an industry average of grade C. We are also in the top 5% of companies globally in the EcoVadis rating which gained us a Platinum Medal
Practical Sustainability is a driving force for our investment and activity programme. It is a mindset whereby we consider environmental impact as an integral part of decision making and not as a separate activity, or afterthought.