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Practical Sustainability


Muntons strapline: Practical Sustainability: (P.S) ‘it’s no afterthought’ typifies our approach to sustainability. We have firmly embedded sustainability into our strategic decisions and seek to make real changes in carbon emissions across the supply chain and avoid hiding behind carbon offsetting to make us look better. That sort of greenwash doesn’t fit at Muntons.

Success Stories

We recycle
99% of our waste

Muntons are keen to take action to protect the environment through sustainable business activities.
It could be said that we are a small operation and having little impact on the planet’s resources. Being passionate about environmental protection, however, means taking the lead in promoting this ethos to both suppliers and customers. The result is significant change to GHG emissions where otherwise action might be delayed.

£23.5m has been invested over a 12-year period in environmentally beneficial projects with a commitment to re-investing any savings made through such projects into further greening initiatives. It is not surprising that 70% of investments have been in energy saving with a further 22% reducing transportation emissions associated with moving barley from farm to maltings.

We are the only maltster to have set a Science Based Target ( to reduce emissions by 45%, based on 2010 levels, by 2025. This is against a government target of 57% by 2050. Committed to reducing impact by investing 2% of turnover into greening initiatives we believe the 45% target will be achieved by 2022. 

We have been successfully certified as an ethical supplier since 2009 through external audit according to the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange four pillar audit (SEDEX, SMETA audit). The four pillars are: Labour Standards; Health and Safety; Environment and Business Practices. In the latest audit, which has 3-year cycles, we had no non-conformities.
For the second time we have been awarded the Ecovadis Gold Medal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rating for being in the top 5% of global companies. More than 55,000 business are on the Ecovadis network including big names like Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, L’Oréal, Subway, Nestlé, Salesforce, Michelin and BASF. 
The areas assessed are: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. All of these values are important to Muntons and we are extremely proud to receive this level of recognition.

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