For more than a century...

Muntons have been a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food & drinks industry.

Our malts are used in the brewing and distilling industry by globally recognised brands and by the craft brewer seeking something a little different.

Our ranges of malt products are extensive and particularly relevant for food and drinks
manufacturers seeking clean label, plant-based ingredients.

Sustainability is the common objective that links all aspects of Muntons business activities. Our objective is to minimise the impact of our business activity on the environment wherever and whenever possible.

Celebrate #WorldWhiskyDay!

We’re proud to supply world class distilleries around the world, much like @InchDairnieDist who are proud to push the boundaries of traditional Scotch whisky making. Join us in raising a glass to the rich heritage and exciting future of whisky.


As we approach World Whisky Day tomorrow let's toast to all the passionate people who fill our glasses with the good stuff. Crafted using timeless skills, respecting the very finest ingredients. Cheers!

Click the link to download our distiller's guide.

Introducing Procurement Manager, Sarah Phillips...

"My proudest achievement has been developing a professional Procurement Team & taking a leading role in outsourcing the company’s logistics operation to challenge and improve visibility, service, & costs for our customers."

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