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Here at Muntons, we produce a comprehensive range of grain malts and further process these into malted ingredients for the plant-based world. We provide manufacturers with clean label, GMO free ingredients that are produced using 100% sustainable malt.
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So what is malt?

Malt is a unique ingredient. Typically derived from barley or wheat, the time-honoured process of malting unlocks the sugars, enzymes and amino acids present in the grain. The malt brings a unique flavour and wide range of benefits to many different food products.
Our grains are sprouted, kilned, and then carefully processed into the specialist ingredients we offer today.

It's a clean label, plant-based ingredient made from 100% natural barley and wheat, and produced through a time-honoured natural malting process.

The unique malt flavour from our high-quality ingredients is a result of a Maillard reaction; a result of the reaction between the reducing sugars and plant based amino acids. We develop our malted grains to enhance individual characteristics that give the delicious malty flavour and colour that manufacturers around the world know and love.

We are one of the greenest maltsters in the world,

we can prove it too

Our innovation mindset isn’t just restricted to our ingredients...

Malting is an energy intensive process, and we are ahead of our competition when it comes to decreasing the carbon footprint of malt. We created the first malting barley carbon calculator that provided the data and knowledge to meaningfully impact our supply chain. Focusing on the areas that would make the most significant difference to Green House Gas Emissions.

To date the carbon footprint per tonne of our malting barley has seen a 60% decrease in co2E since 2010, as our new energy centre enters its commissioning phase at Stowmarket.
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