The Benefits of Malt

Malt offers a host of benefits providing a golden opportunity for the creative food and drink manufacturer to make products that their customers will love. Malt is a healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners, adds texture, flavour and colour, helps with salt reduction and clean labelling and can even save you money.

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Enhance Taste

Made entirely from cereals grown locally, malt naturally enhances flavours in a wide range of products, useful in both savoury and sweet applications


A little malt in the mix encourages colour development in bread, cakes and biscuits, or for more intense colour addition, without e numbers, try one of our ultra-dark malt extracts

Add Texture

Malted wheat flakes and Nuttimalt, our kibbled malted wheat, are the perfect malted ingredients to introduce texture to breads, rolls, pastries and even as toppings on pre-prepared foods such as lasagne and macaroni cheese

Reduce Sugar & 
Salt in recipes

Malt acts as a flavour enhancer, so even a small addition to a recipe will reduce the need for additional seasoning and improve richness and mouthfeel. Containing long chain, slow release complex sugars, malt extract is the perfect ingredient for manufacturers looking to lower sugar levels

Reduce energy & Save money

Even a modest inclusion of malt can speed bake colour – take bread rolls for example, just a tiny percentage of malt flour can reduce bake time by 17% - saving energy and increasing production output.

Mouth Feel

Smooth, rich, creamy and indulgent – when products feel good and taste good they probably are good. Malt can help premiumise products by improving mouthfeel in a vast range of products

The Natural Choice
for clean labels

On the ingredients declaration on labels, malt is simply declared as ‘Barley malt extract’, what better way to reduce sugar, salt and replace ‘e’ numbered products than through the use of a little malt extract instead