Home Brewing Ingredients

Take your home brewing to the next level

In addition to our wide range of kits which are perfect for beginners and experts alike, we also make an extensive range of peripheral products. With these we are confident you will be equipped to get the very best from your homebrew hobby.

Homebrew Malt Extracts

Take your brewing to the next level - Create your perfect pint using our malt extract to create a unique beer tailored to your taste. Choose one of our pre-built favourites or build your recipe from scratch. Enhance Your Beer - Add our malt extract to all grain or extract recipes to boost volume, add body and mouthfeel whilst maintaining a balanced malt taste suited to citrus and fruit flavours – it’s what our craft brewers are doing in their latest innovations.

Gervin Yeast

The Gervin strains of yeast are used worldwide by the professional and amateur winemaker and beer maker and will always produce a top quality result!

Grain & Cereal Adjuncts

All Muntons grain malts for the home beer making market are made from the finest two row English barley. The exacting specifications ensure that the home beer maker can achieve the best possible extract from the grains.

Spray Malt

Spraymalt will improve the quality of any beer kit when used in place of sugar. It will brew beers which are less ‘dry’, with more richness, body and improved head formation and retention. Hopped Spraymalt will add an extra ‘hoppy’ bite to all the beers you make.