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& Cookies

Get creative with your crackers, cookies and biscuits. Add some interesting texture, enrich crumb colour, or just introduce the warm taste of malt - a little malt can even help even out hotspots and reduce bake time
There are countless opportunities to use Muntons malt to improve the texture, flavour and colour of foods and drinks.

Malt is also a proven healthy alternative to traditional sweetners and flavour enhancers making it the number one ingredient for those looking to use less sugar and salt in their recipes.


In cordials a little malt can sweeten, add colour and enhance flavour notes and most importantly malt helps you keep your labels clean. It can also sweeten and add the goodness of wholegrains in breakfast cereal drinks – a very versatile ingredient


From flapjacks to granola bars, breakfast biscuits to snack bars, malt brings flavour, sweetness, slow energy release and just makes things taste a little more appealing and desirable

Dairy Products

Malt and milk perfectly complement each other as fans of hot malted drinks will attest. In fact malt works beautifully with a wide range of dairy products, adding sweetness, richness and helping to improve mouthfeel

Breakfast Cereals

Enrich and enliven the taste of plain cereal grains. Bind your cereal grains together, add texture and introduce the great taste of malt to a wide range of breakfast cereals through the simple addition of a little malt extract

Soups, Sauces
& Seasonings

What better way to add a shine to sauces (without adding fat), enhance the flavours naturally present and reduce salt and sugar content than through the addition of a little malt


Whether you include malted wheat flakes, tasty malted kibbles, diastatic malt flour or malt extract, you can be sure that a little malt will transform a bland bread into a taste sensation


Chocolate and malt are proven perfect partners – what better way to premiumise confectionery than the inclusion of a little malt. But there more to malt than just chocolate, it can add colour to sugar and gums confectionery or impart the great taste of malt to boiled sweets

Pet Food

People love their pets and pets love the taste of malt. Whether you are looking to make pet toothpaste that little bit more desirable or make pet foods a bit tastier a little malt works wonders

Meat, Poultry & 
Meat Substitutes

Malt will enhance the savoury or umami notes in meat or meat substitute applications, add a lovely shine to sauces (without adding fat) and improve the mouthfeel and richness of the final product
Malt can be used in traditional recipes and as an innovative ingredient when developing new products. 

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The Benefits of Malt

If you are looking to use malt as part of your food development and would like some advice or assistance, we can provide expert support via our test bakery and R&D team based on site in our Centre of Excellence.
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