Food Types: Liquid Extracts

We make an extensive range of liquid extracts specifically developed to meet the needs of our customers in areas as far reaching and diverse as food, beverage, brewing, baking and confectionery. Our extracts are made by the aqueous extraction of sugars and their subsequent concentration into a viscous syrup. We use only the finest East Anglian malting barley as our prime raw material for the production of our liquid extracts.

Liquid malt extracts provide a valuable source of fermentable sugars and introduce a traditional malty flavour and natural colour. Through careful control of the evaporation process during concentration, naturally occurring enzymes present in malt can be preserved to create diastatic malt extracts. These enzyme rich extracts can be used to convert starches from other sources into sugars. Whilst our range of liquid extracts is extensive, we are happy to consider the development of bespoke products to suit our customers’ needs, where volume are sufficient to warrant their production. Contact us for more information or for a sample.