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When malt is mentioned in conjunction with beverages, most people will think of beer, whisky or hot malted milk drinks. Yet malt can bring a range of benefits to many other drinks. Take a simple fruit punch where malt extract will introduce a subtle sweetness and act as a natural flavour enhancer, boosting the intensity of the fruit whilst reducing their acidity and improving mouthfeel. To find out more please view the recipes below.

Mixed Berry Smoothie
Malt sweetens and enhances the fruit flavour for a more mellow berry tartness (rather than the instant sweetness achieved by simply adding sugar). Malt also provides a more appealing, rich colour.
Malted Summer Fruit Punch
Malt introduces a subtle sweetness and acts as a flavour enhancer, boosting the fruit intensity whilst reducing acidity. Adding malt also imparts a smoother, creamier mouthfeel.
Chilled Malted Milkshakes
A tablespoon of malt in vanilla milkshake introduces a rich caramel colour, whilst enhancing the vanilla flavour. For chocolate milkshakes, use 2 tablespoons to bring out the malted choc flavour.
Hot Spiced Malted Milk
Malt brings a distinctive rich and warm taste and rounds off the spicy flavours leaving it creamy and smooth.
Hot Melted Malted Chocolate
Malt introduces a velvety sheen and creaminess making this probably the best hot chocolate you have ever tasted.