Corporate Social Responsibility

Muntons is a responsible business focussed on minimising its environmental impact, engaging with the local community and creating an enjoyable, rewarding environment for employees.

We recycle
99% of our waste

At Muntons we prefer to use the term ‘community engagement’ rather than CSR to describe our activities in this area. For us, community engagement is not merely a tick box exercise designed to make the company look good with minimal effort; it is closely linked to sustainability and with this, is an integral part of our overall business strategy. 

Our Stowmarket operation is a large employer in the area, and we recognise that the business enterprise is an important member of society. As such, it is our duty to support the development of local communities and society by carrying out various social activities.

We are members of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce whose strapline ‘working together, growing together, achieving together fits well with our company ethos. An exciting initiative that we are proud to be part of is the transformation of the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket into the National Museum of Food. A project designed to put Stowmarket firmly on the ‘locations to visit’ map.

Employees are our biggest asset and we see community engagement as an opportunity to bring people from different departments together, strengthening relationships while contributing to the wider community.