Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone is Welcome at Muntons

Muntons plc is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all employees and job applicants.

We aim to create a working environment in which all individuals are able to make best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment, and in which all decisions are based on merit so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Diversity is about appreciation and respect of differences through the use of diversity in lifestyles, education, ethnicity, gender, nationality, age, disability and background to drive business success and create a sustainable future.

DIVERSITY is the presence of a wide range of human qualities and attributes, both visible and invisible, within a group, organisation or society.

EQUALITY is a condition or a state of fair, inclusive and respectful treatment that recognises and acknowledges the accommodation of differing needs and expectations.

INCLUSION is creating an environment where people have both the feeling and reality of belonging and are able to achieve their full potential

We strive to have a diverse and inclusive work environment where co-workers feel valued for their uniqueness.
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The development of an inclusive and diverse workforce makes us stronger and more unified

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