Grain & Cereal Adjuncts

All Muntons grain malts for the home beer making market are made from the finest two row English barley. The exacting specifications ensure that the home beer maker can achieve the best possible extract from the grains.  We provide only premium grade malt to ensure that even with small scale brewing processes you start with the finest ingredients. It has been our policy for many years not to supply anything other than top quality premium malts for home beer makers.

Lager Malt

A low colour lightly modified malt for use in Pilsner and Lager beer styles

Pale Ale Malt

A well modified pale coloured malt with good levels of diastatic activity used as the raw material in many beer styles

Mild Ale Malt

Made using slightly higher nitrogen than pale malt, mild has good diastatic activity allowing the use of a high percentage of adjuncts in the grist formulation

Crystal Malt

Lightly kiln-roasted, Crystal Malt is used in recipes to impart its distinctive ‘nutty’ flavour and as a general enriching agent in beers

Chocolate Malt

This is a roasted malt imparting colour, flavour and body to dark beers in English Ale brewing where its pleasant characteristic flavour is required

Black Malt

A roasted malt coloured to a higher degree than Chocolate Malt in the roasting process. Black Malt has no diastatic activity and no fermentable extract and is simply used to add flavour and colour in dark beers such as milds, porters and stouts.

Wheat Malt

Made from English wheat, wheat malt is used for its unique wheat flavour – much more pronounced than unmalted wheat – and for its ability to aid head formation and head retention. Also popular in the production of wheat or weiss beers.

Roasted Barley

Raw unmalted barley is roasted until it reaches its characteristic intense colour. In brewing roasted barley is used to impart a ‘dry’ bitterness to finished beers and is often used in the production of stout.

Torrified Wheat

Unmalted wheat is heated until the grains ‘pop’ in a similar manner to popped corn. The popping exposes the centre of the grain and can therefore be used in the mashtun without any other form of pre-treatment