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Malt is the perfect ingredient for creative food and drink manufacturers. A versatile product working perfectly in savoury, sweet and beverage applications, bringing a host of benefits from a simple shine to sauces, flavour enhancement, improved texture and colour and of course it can be used to impart the wonderful taste of malt itself.

Muntons' Mince Pies
We do love a mince pie in our office. Despite its small size, it always seems to put a smile on those who eat them, with the crisp pastry and the luxurious, rich fruity filling. It is the epitome of C
Thanksgiving Stuffing
This recipe is a nod to our colleagues at Muntons Chicago, who will celebrate Thanksgiving this week. Inspiration struck through a recent call with them, where they were comparing notes on their ‘mu
Muntons' Parkin Cake
A perfect treat to enjoy during the changing of the seasons, you can parkin cake is great in front of a crackling fire with an excellent brew, or, of course, on Bonfire Night, as is the tradition!
Muntons' Pumpkin Pie
You can make this recipe as easy, or challenging as you like. Either way, the results are amazing!
Malt Hot Cross Buns
Delicious malty hot cross buns
Beer Pancakes
Great tasting malty beer pancakes adding a slightly savoury element to your pancakes, bringing beery and hop notes.
Mixed Berry Smoothie
Malt sweetens and enhances the fruit flavour for a more mellow berry tartness (rather than the instant sweetness achieved by simply adding sugar). Malt also provides a more appealing, rich colour.
Malted Summer Fruit Punch
Malt introduces a subtle sweetness and acts as a flavour enhancer, boosting the fruit intensity whilst reducing acidity. Adding malt also imparts a smoother, creamier mouthfeel.
Chilled Malted Milkshakes
A tablespoon of malt in vanilla milkshake introduces a rich caramel colour, whilst enhancing the vanilla flavour. For chocolate milkshakes, use 2 tablespoons to bring out the malted choc flavour.
Hot Spiced Malted Milk
Malt brings a distinctive rich and warm taste and rounds off the spicy flavours leaving it creamy and smooth.
Hot Melted Malted Chocolate
Malt introduces a velvety sheen and creaminess making this probably the best hot chocolate you have ever tasted.
Malted Lemon Spread
Malt, with its subtle sweet flavour contrasts and complements the citrus sharpness of the lemon making this a delicious lemon curd spread.
Malted Florentines
Florentines can be a little too sweet but by using malt they keep moist and take on a subtle malt flavour, working well with the fruits in the recipe.
Malt in the choux pastry adds a delicate sweetness and creates a mouth-watering golden shell. Combine this with the malted cream filling and these become irresistible.
Malted Mince Pies
Mincemeat benefits from a little malt, adding a rich shine and enhancing the fruit flavours. Nuttimalt, in the pastry makes it take on a ‘rustic’ finish, adding a delightfully surprising texture.
American Pancakes
Malt extract is naturally sweet which gives the pancakes a warm, golden colour whilst also making their texture lighter and fluffier.
Nut Free Malt Pesto
Nuttimalt provides a coarse texture and bite, whilst malt extract adds a little sweetness enhances the flavour and fragrances of the basil and improves the body of the sauce.
Malted Muesli Breakfast Biscuits
Nuttimalt is used as an alternative to nuts, providing texture and crunch. It works wonderfully with malt extract in providing a malty taste and helping to bind the ingredients together.
Sweet & Savoury Tear & Share bread
Malt imparts a deeper crust colour and enhances the herb and spice flavours. In the topping it adds richness and sheen, bringing out the natural colours of the ingredients and balancing the flavours.
Malted Gingerbread Men
Malt firms the biscuit bringing a little extra crunch and introduces a warm, golden colour. It also enhances the warmth and fieriness of the ginger - sometimes lost when using simple sugar.
Gastro Style Beef Burgers
Malt helps to tenderise the meat and soften the sometimes harsh tones of the smoked paprika and onion. The sticky red onion and malted bacon topping is deliciously sweet with an appealing shine.
Smoked Salmon Pate
Adding malt extract to the smoked salmon reduces the acidity of the lemon and the capers, helps to bind the contrasting flavours and improves the colour, shine and mouthfeel.
Strawberry Freakshake
Whilst malt reduces tartness and acidity and enhances the flavour of the fruits, the real benefit is the extra smoothness and creaminess and enhanced mouthfeel.
Quadruple Malted Cheesecake
This is a real malt hit! The base uses crushed malted milk biscuits, the cream cheese filling contains malt extract, the chocolate topping uses Lindt chocolate truffles and Maltesers.
Malted Millionaire Shortbread
Malt in the biscuit base develops colour during baking and adds texture and flavour. The malt flavour comes mainly from the caramel which is made with malt extract as a partial sugar replacement.
Malted Mousse
Malt not only adds a delicate sweetness to the mousse and improves mouthfeel, but the blend of chocolate and malt creates a flavour so delicious it will severely test your will-power.
Malted Barbecue Ribs
Malt introduces a depth of flavour to the sauce helping the tomatoes and spices intensify into one rich, sublime blend. As a marinade it also provides an appetising shine and tenderises the meat.
Bread and Butter Pudding
Malt in the custard adds its subtle flavour and rounds off the sweetness of the sugar. Fruit flavours are enhanced and sweetened in malt which also contributes to an attractive, golden crust.
Carrot Soup
This soup recipe includes malt to pull together and intensify the delicate flavours of the lemon grass and ginger.
Malted Risotto (with Garlic Bread)
Malt is included to add a lovely sheen and colour and to deliver more depth of flavour to the vegetables. In the butter, malt reduces greasiness and mellows the harsh tones of fresh garlic.
Muntons Malted Biscuits
Malt is used in the biscuit mix to replace refined sugar and in the cream to impart a warm, malty taste and glaze. The result is a delicate, crumbly biscuit with a velvety-smooth biscuit cream.
Beef and Chorizo Herby Sausage Rolls
Nuttimalt enhances the filling’s meaty taste and texture whilst frying the chorizo and peppers in malt extract creates a subtle sweetness and shine. A Nuttimalt topping rounds off the dish.
Malted Soft Oat Cookies
By using both malt extract and Nuttimalt, flavour and texture and both enhanced dramatically, making these a healthy snack with added wholegrain goodness.
Quiche Tartlets
Malt in the pastry encourages colour and flavour development and improves the texture. In the filling it helps to intensify the vegetable and cheese flavours making it smooth and more tasty.
Oat Crackers
Nuttimalt and malt extract combine in this simple oat cracker to add an extra depth of savoury flavour to make this the perfect platform for any savoury topping.
Strawberry Panna Cotta
Malt partially replaces sugar to reduce sweetness and impart a subtle malt flavour, making the dessert silky-smooth. Malt adds flavour to the compote and balances the acidity of summer fruits.
Malted Couscous
Nuttimalt brings a visual interest and a little more flavour and texture. Malt extract meanwhile introduces a deep golden colour and mellows some of the harshness from the cumin.
Malty Apple Crumble
Malt adds a deep golden colour to the syrup and apples and boosts the toffee flavours. In the crumble topping, malt adds texture and gives a delightful rustic appearance.
Sausage Casserole
Malt enhances the flavour within the casserole and adds a rich shine to the sauce. By using malt extract to gently fry the sausages, bacon and onion they become more succulent and tasty.
Stuffed Malted Tomatoes
Malt helps reduce the acidity of the tomatoes and balances the sharp notes from the garlic butter. Nuttimalt adds a rustic appearance to the dish and also a tasty crunch to the topping.
Baked Apples
Soaking dates in malt helps them absorb the delicious malty flavours to complement the taste of dates. The result is a malted toffee/caramel flavour which balances beautifully with the apple tartness.
Malted Chicken Goujons
Nuttimalt in the crumb gives this dish a rustic appearance and adds a tasty crunch. Malt extract in the glaze locks in the chicken’s juiciness and reduces the acidity of the tomato in the ketchup.
Triple Chocolate Double Malt Cookies
Malt smooths out the harsh notes from the cocoa powder, making the cookie more silky. Maltesers, which of course are made with malt, add a much-needed crunch to contrast the softness of the cookie.
Chicken Curry
Malt works well in curry, not only reducing the acidity of the tomatoes and coaxing more flavour from the spices, but improving the body and consistency of the sauce too.
Shepherd’s Pie
Adding malt introduces a deep rich shine, tenderises the beef and enhances the flavour of the vegetables plus you can cut back on seasoning, particularly salt, as malt naturally enhances flavours.
Homemade Malted Flapjacks
Malt makes this flapjack deliciously chewy, plus it contains proteins, minerals and vitamins. The malt, oats and dried fruits are high fibre to slowly release energy so it’s good for you too!
Nuttimalt Bread
Adding Nuttimalt and malt extract into the bread dough adds texture, flavour and aids colour development, whilst using Nuttimalt as a top dressing adds visual appeal. Great when toasted too!
Malted Chocolate Brownies
Malt imparts a subtle malty background flavour and rounds some of the harsh notes that can come from cocoa. Tiny Nuttimalt pieces add surprising bursts of malt flavour and a delightful texture.
Pitta Bread (With a trio of delicious dips)
Malt extract in the pitta bread encourages the dough to relax and puff, whilst in the dips it improves the general mouthfeel and mellows some of the more powerful flavours from the spices and hummus.
Simple Malted Salad
Malt extract in mustard vinaigrette softens the vinegar’s acidity and mellows the mustard, making the glazed bacon glossy and sticky. Shop-bought pickled onion and crouton recipes also include malt.
Nuttimalt is used to echo nut textures & give bursts of malt flavour whilst malt extract tames the sugary sweetness and, when used with orange extract, produces a wonderful flavour combination.
Malt Spread
Nuttimalt replaces Hazelnuts to complement the smooth chocolate, add a delicate crunch & malt flavour bursts. Malt extract delivers subtle sweetness, mellowing the bitterness of cocoa powder.
Butternut Chilli (and Malted Cornbread)
Frying the mince with malt extract helps to tenderise it. In the sauce it rounds flavours and improves mouthfeel. In the cornbread, malt extract softens the dough and enhances the lime flavour.
Malted Chocolate Cake
Malt is used here to add moistness and richness. It also enhances the flavours of the cocoa and replaces some of the simple sugars, turning a humble chocolate cake into a seemingly indulgent one.
Malted Chocolate Tiffin
Malted milk biscuits and Maltesers are used with malt extract, increasing shine, improving mouthfeel and introducing satisfying, tasty bursts of malt flavour from the malt soaked fruit.
Cheese Twists with a Twist
The addition of Nuttimalt in the pastry adds bite and crunch and improves appearance, whilst malt extract boosts the savoury notes and helps pull the smokiness and cheesiness together.
Beef & Root Veg Casserole (with dumplings)
Malt extract boosts and enhances flavours, making carrots more ‘carroty’ and onions more ‘oniony’ and it makes the sauce richer, smoother and glossier.
Malted Chelsea Buns
Nuttimalt adds an interesting, rustic appearance and introduces a nutty flavour and added textural bite. Malt extract creates extra colour, improves shine and introduces a warm and comforting flavour.
Chicken Wings
Malt extract is used as a partial replacement for honey, making the glaze more savoury and fruity whilst also enhancing the peanut flavour. Once baked, the chicken is glossy and juicy - very moreish.
Lasagne con Malto
Malt adds a deep shine to the meat layer as well as intensifying flavours, meanwhile, mixing Nuttimalt in the white sauce and adding cheese introduces an eye-catching crumble effect to the top.
Malt extract makes the pizza base softer and fluffier and improves the colour, flavour and aroma of the crust. In the sauce, malt offsets the tomato acidity enhances herb and garlic flavours.
Malted Carrot Cake
Malt enhances cake flavours generally and imparts a luxurious colour. Adding malt extract in the cream cheese enhances cheese notes whilst the Nuttimalt pieces improve texture and provide malty notes.
Macaroni Cheese
Malt adds a gloss to the cheese sauce and masks the 'cooked-flour' notes from the roux and brings a subtle sweetness to bring the cheesy taste. Nuttimalt on the topping adds texture and crunch.
In this chunky chutney, malt is used to dampen the acidity of the vinegar and pull together the flavours of the spices and vegetables. It also brings a deep shine and adds a deep richness of colour.
Chicken Stroganoff
Malt enriches the colour, adds shine and boosts the mushroom flavours and mouthfeel to become richer and more rounded. Added to the rice, malt extract introduces a subtle sweetness and wholesomeness.
Malted Waffles
Malt extract replaces sugar and helps to carry flavours and toppings far better than simple sugar versions. Malt promotes even browning and contributes towards a softer, fluffier and lighter texture
Spaghetti Bolognese
Malt adds a rich shine to the sauce, masks the saltiness of the bacon and the acidity of the wine and improves mouthfeel. Frying the onion, celery and garlic in malt extract also enhances flavour.
Cake in a Mug
Malt replaces oil, making the cake a little healthier and bringing a subtle malt sweetness. It rounds powdery cocoa notes and makes the cake moister and slightly more ‘springy’.
Nuttimalt Scones
Using malt introduces its subtle malt flavour and reduces overall sweetness, meanwhile, Nuttimalt introduces an eye-catching rustic texture.
Chocolate Orange Babka
Adding malt extract to the dough provides a soft, fluffy texture and a golden crust. Nuttimalt complements the nutty chocolate spread flavour and adds extra crunch without the need for extra nuts.