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Malt is naturally sweet as the malting process converts starch from the cereal into complex sugars. Only half as sweet as simple sugar, malt can be used as a substitute for up to half the sugar in sweet recipes, reducing the strength of sweetness making desserts fruitier and more tasty. When malt is used in high doses it will introduce the wonderful flavour of malt itself to the dessert dish. This versatile ingredient offers a range of ways for the creative food manufacturer to make their product distinctive and desirable. To find out more please view the recipes below.

Muntons' Mince Pies
We do love a mince pie in our office. Despite its small size, it always seems to put a smile on those who eat them, with the crisp pastry and the luxurious, rich fruity filling. It is the epitome of C
Muntons' Parkin Cake
A perfect treat to enjoy during the changing of the seasons, you can parkin cake is great in front of a crackling fire with an excellent brew, or, of course, on Bonfire Night, as is the tradition!
Muntons' Pumpkin Pie
You can make this recipe as easy, or challenging as you like. Either way, the results are amazing!
Muntons Malt Loaf Recipe
Malt loaf is a British staple and is rarely found elsewhere and to make our delicious malt loaf, you will need your jar of malt extract, which is readily available from health food shops and chemists.
Malt Hot Cross Buns
Delicious malty hot cross buns
Beer Pancakes
Great tasting malty beer pancakes adding a slightly savoury element to your pancakes, bringing beery and hop notes.
Malted Lemon Spread
Malt, with its subtle sweet flavour contrasts and complements the citrus sharpness of the lemon making this a delicious lemon curd spread.
Malted Florentines
Florentines can be a little too sweet but by using malt they keep moist and take on a subtle malt flavour, working well with the fruits in the recipe.
Malt in the choux pastry adds a delicate sweetness and creates a mouth-watering golden shell. Combine this with the malted cream filling and these become irresistible.
Malted Mince Pies
Mincemeat benefits from a little malt, adding a rich shine and enhancing the fruit flavours. Nuttimalt, in the pastry makes it take on a ‘rustic’ finish, adding a delightfully surprising texture.
American Pancakes
Malt extract is naturally sweet which gives the pancakes a warm, golden colour whilst also making their texture lighter and fluffier.
Malted Muesli Breakfast Biscuits
Nuttimalt is used as an alternative to nuts, providing texture and crunch. It works wonderfully with malt extract in providing a malty taste and helping to bind the ingredients together.
Malted Gingerbread Men
Malt firms the biscuit bringing a little extra crunch and introduces a warm, golden colour. It also enhances the warmth and fieriness of the ginger - sometimes lost when using simple sugar.
Strawberry Freakshake
Whilst malt reduces tartness and acidity and enhances the flavour of the fruits, the real benefit is the extra smoothness and creaminess and enhanced mouthfeel.
Quadruple Malted Cheesecake
This is a real malt hit! The base uses crushed malted milk biscuits, the cream cheese filling contains malt extract, the chocolate topping uses Lindt chocolate truffles and Maltesers.
Malted Millionaire Shortbread
Malt in the biscuit base develops colour during baking and adds texture and flavour. The malt flavour comes mainly from the caramel which is made with malt extract as a partial sugar replacement.
Malted Mousse
Malt not only adds a delicate sweetness to the mousse and improves mouthfeel, but the blend of chocolate and malt creates a flavour so delicious it will severely test your will-power.
Bread and Butter Pudding
Malt in the custard adds its subtle flavour and rounds off the sweetness of the sugar. Fruit flavours are enhanced and sweetened in malt which also contributes to an attractive, golden crust.
Muntons Malted Biscuits
Malt is used in the biscuit mix to replace refined sugar and in the cream to impart a warm, malty taste and glaze. The result is a delicate, crumbly biscuit with a velvety-smooth biscuit cream.
Malted Soft Oat Cookies
By using both malt extract and Nuttimalt, flavour and texture and both enhanced dramatically, making these a healthy snack with added wholegrain goodness.
Strawberry Panna Cotta
Malt partially replaces sugar to reduce sweetness and impart a subtle malt flavour, making the dessert silky-smooth. Malt adds flavour to the compote and balances the acidity of summer fruits.
Malty Apple Crumble
Malt adds a deep golden colour to the syrup and apples and boosts the toffee flavours. In the crumble topping, malt adds texture and gives a delightful rustic appearance.
Baked Apples
Soaking dates in malt helps them absorb the delicious malty flavours to complement the taste of dates. The result is a malted toffee/caramel flavour which balances beautifully with the apple tartness.
Triple Chocolate Double Malt Cookies
Malt smooths out the harsh notes from the cocoa powder, making the cookie more silky. Maltesers, which of course are made with malt, add a much-needed crunch to contrast the softness of the cookie.
Homemade Malted Flapjacks
Malt makes this flapjack deliciously chewy, plus it contains proteins, minerals and vitamins. The malt, oats and dried fruits are high fibre to slowly release energy so it’s good for you too!
Malted Chocolate Brownies
Malt imparts a subtle malty background flavour and rounds some of the harsh notes that can come from cocoa. Tiny Nuttimalt pieces add surprising bursts of malt flavour and a delightful texture.
Nuttimalt is used to echo nut textures & give bursts of malt flavour whilst malt extract tames the sugary sweetness and, when used with orange extract, produces a wonderful flavour combination.
Malt Spread
Nuttimalt replaces Hazelnuts to complement the smooth chocolate, add a delicate crunch & malt flavour bursts. Malt extract delivers subtle sweetness, mellowing the bitterness of cocoa powder.
Malted Chocolate Cake
Malt is used here to add moistness and richness. It also enhances the flavours of the cocoa and replaces some of the simple sugars, turning a humble chocolate cake into a seemingly indulgent one.
Malted Chelsea Buns
Nuttimalt adds an interesting, rustic appearance and introduces a nutty flavour and added textural bite. Malt extract creates extra colour, improves shine and introduces a warm and comforting flavour.
Malted Carrot Cake
Malt enhances cake flavours generally and imparts a luxurious colour. Adding malt extract in the cream cheese enhances cheese notes whilst the Nuttimalt pieces improve texture and provide malty notes.
Malted Waffles
Malt extract replaces sugar and helps to carry flavours and toppings far better than simple sugar versions. Malt promotes even browning and contributes towards a softer, fluffier and lighter texture
Cake in a Mug
Malt replaces oil, making the cake a little healthier and bringing a subtle malt sweetness. It rounds powdery cocoa notes and makes the cake moister and slightly more ‘springy’.
Nuttimalt Scones
Using malt introduces its subtle malt flavour and reduces overall sweetness, meanwhile, Nuttimalt introduces an eye-catching rustic texture.
Chocolate Orange Babka
Adding malt extract to the dough provides a soft, fluffy texture and a golden crust. Nuttimalt complements the nutty chocolate spread flavour and adds extra crunch without the need for extra nuts.