Malt Flavours

Characteristics by malt type

Caramalt Crystal up to colour 110 EBC, Caramalt
Chocolate Chocolate, Black
Coffee Very dark Crystal
Treacle Crystal over 240 EBC colour
Smoky Smoked/Peated
Phenolic Peated
Cereal Wheat, Ale
Sweet Ale, Amber, Munich
Burnt Black, Roasted Barley or Malt
Nutty Caramalt, Ale
Green Lager, High Enzyme, Diastatic
Sulphury DMS, Lager, Sulphitic and Sulphidic
Solvent Should not be present in any malt type
Toffee Crystal up to colour 240 EBC

Flavour Wheel

Malt sensory analysis

Although malt tasting is not currently any part of the malt specification, it does offer possibilities to differentiate both positive and negative flavours. Conventional malt analysis may suggest that malts are identical however their flavours could well differ significantly.

We use a method to fully describe the profile of malt using a ‘porridge’ made by grinding whole malts with a small amount of water which helps in the tasting process.

The malt flavour wheel has allowed us to create distinct flavour profiles for the wide range of malts and malted ingredients we produce.

Available pack sizes

Dried Pale Ale Malt Extract

Muntons Dried Pale Ale Malt Extract is a fine soluble powder made by drying our liquid Pale Ale Malt Extract. The malt extract is made from Muntons Pale Ale Malt which is mashed to ensure industry standard composition and fermentability. The resulting wort is then atomised and gently dried with hot air in a chamber called a Spray Dryer. This process enables removal of water without increasing the colour or imparting caramelisation. This product, upon dilution will behave identically to traditional brewers wort. Muntons Dried Pale Ale Malt Extract has many uses around a brewery from extending brew lengths, increasing ABV in final product, enabling high gravity brewing and perfect for yeast propagation. 


Muntons Dried Pale Ale Malt Extract can be used as a direct replacement for malt with the added benefit of no losses due to brewhouse efficiency. The best method for calculation of malt extract dosages is to calculate recipes as if you were to use Pale Ale Malt and then replace any malt that were not to fit into the mash tun with Dried malt extract at a rate of: 

For use in yeast propagation we recommend a dilution to 10degrees Brix/ 1.040 SG. This is achieved by diluting 1.1KG into 10L of water. 


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Meet the brewing and distilling team

Joseph Fifield
Brewing & Distilling Malt Sales Manager
London, Southern England & Wales
“If I were a beer, I’d be a milk chocolate stout, full bodied and sweet, but with a rugged appearance.”
Adam Darnes
Brewing & Distilling Malt Sales Manager
Midlands, Yorkshire & Lancashire
“If I were a beer, I’d be called Sunday Session – A Lively, fun and hoppy Saison. Bold and Zesty, a very sessionable, laid back and easy drinking beer.”
David Hannah
Brewing & Distilling Malt Sales Manager
Scotland & Northern England
“If I were a beer, I would be a straight up, flagship IPA. It would be reliable, consistent, full of flavour and probably a little louder than other beers”

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