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Chilled Malted Milkshakes

A tablespoon of malt in vanilla milkshake introduces a rich caramel colour, whilst enhancing the vanilla flavour. For chocolate milkshakes, use 2 tablespoons to bring out the malted choc flavour.
Preparation Time
Less than 10 minutes
Cooking Time
Approx. 10 Minutes
Skill Level
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Vanilla Milkshake
190g vanilla
200ml whole milk
1 large tbsp of Malt Extract (85g)

Chocolate Milkshake
200g chocolate ice-cream
200ml whole milk
2 tbsp of Malt Extract (130g)


Simply place the ice cream, milk and malt extract into a blender and blend until fully mixed.

To finish…
To add an extra malty hit, wet the rim of the glass slightly and dust with Horlicks powder. For the ultimate malted milkshake, top with whipped cream, crushed maltesers and a drizzle of malt extract.

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