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Hot Melted Malted Chocolate

Malt introduces a velvety sheen and creaminess making this probably the best hot chocolate you have ever tasted.
Preparation Time
Less than 10 minutes
Cooking Time
Approx. 10 Minutes
Skill Level
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For the hot chocolate
140ml whole milk
170ml whipping cream
190g malt extract
180g finely chopped dark chocolate

For the whipped cream (optional)
120ml whipping cream
20g malt extract
3 marshmallows


For the hot chocolate
Pour the milk, cream and malt extract into a small saucepan and heat gently to a simmer, then add the chocolate, stirring continuously, until melted and smooth. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy.

For a really indulgent treat
Whisk the cream and malt extract together until light and fluffy and spoon on top of your melted malted chocolate – serve with a few marshmallows and Maltesers.

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