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Simple Malted Salad

Malt extract in mustard vinaigrette softens the vinegar’s acidity and mellows the mustard, making the glazed bacon glossy and sticky. Shop-bought pickled onion and crouton recipes also include malt.
Preparation Time
under 10 minutes
Cooking Time
5 - 15 minutes
Skill Level
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For the dressing
50g wholegrain mustard
100g light Malt Extract
80ml extra virgin olive oil
60ml rapeseed oil
75ml cider vinegar

For the bacon
As much bacon as you like
Warmed light malt extract


There are several ways to make your dressing:
1) Place in a bowl and whisk together by hand
2) Place in a blender and mix together
3) Place in a jar with a lid on and shake to your hearts content

For the bacon
Pre-heat grill to medium heat and move the shelf to the lowest rack. Brush the warmed malt extract onto your raw bacon, and place under the grill, cook on the first side for 5 minutes. Turn the rashers and brush the top facing side with malt extract and cook until golden. Turn over whenever necessary and brush with more malt extract. Cook until you achieve your desired bacon texture.

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