Employee Profile

John-Paul Taylor

Liquid Malt Extract Area Lead

Date started at Muntons


What I like best about working at Muntons: The people, the place and the canteen.

Favourite colour: Probably red but I would like my dream car to be a ‘gun metal’

Favourite food: Well… whenever I go out to eat I just get a burger, because why would you choose anything else? I do also have an addiction to ice lollies.

Favourite band: Hip Hop/Rap tends to be my thing although I listen to all sorts of music. Kendrick Lamar is by far my favourite artist.

Favourite film: The Warriors, Interstellar, French Connection, Boys n da Hood, Blue Valentine, Drive, There Will be Blood, Band of Brothers, The Wire… I could go on and on.

Interests away from work: Football, Gym, Fishing and Films.