Our Muntons Family

Muntons is not only still a family business but our people feel very much part of the family. Every employee has the opportunity to become a shareholder and a chance to enjoy a profit-based bonus.  We also look out for each other, just like a family. Helping each other overcome any challenges. Whether that be on-the-job with sharing knowledge and experience or  tackling something in our personal lives. Every employee has access to healthcare including a free 24/7 counselling serviceline provided by Westfield Health.  In addition we run a successful Wellbeing Buddies programme with volunteers from around the business happy to have a completely confidential chat.

Training & Career Development

With formal Apprenticeships and  Management Trainee Programmes, some people join Muntons on a more structured career development pathway. Others come across interesting courses and extra training they feel would be beneficial to their roles and look to the company to support this. In each case we are open to nurturing individual talents and helping you to develop yourself and your career in the food and drinks industry. We also believe that everyone should have the opputnity to do introductory malting courses - it is, afterall, what we do best and why we are all so passionate about malt.