Malt of the Month: Melanoidin Malt

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Melanoidin Wheat Malt.  This innovation in speciality malt is the result of numerous trials to achieve the perfect balance between an aromatic Maillard product and toasty biscuit notes.  These qualities make this malt an ideal choice for the brewer looking to enhance their beer style with something a little bit special. We use a unique kilning technique, which enables us to introduce more colour and flavour than is traditionally possible for straight kilned malts.

In percentages of 1 to 5%, Melanoidin Wheat malt will increase malt character, boost head formation and head retention and enhance mouthfeel. When used in percentages of 10-20%, Melanoidin Wheat malt will impart a flavour profile with elements of breadcrust, biscuits and cooked wheat.   It will also significantly improve the body of the beer.  We would suggest a maximum inclusion rate of 30%. In addition to the flavour enhancement, the high percentage of Melanoidins increases beer stability and has been shown to help reduce oxidation.