Malt versus Sugar – What are the issues in relation to nutritional content and health claims? By Dr Nigel Davies, Director of Technical and Sustainability, Muntons, UK

The Sugar Dilemma -

There is a growing lobby of people seeking to control the amount of sugar included in a balanced human diet. Often when one component of the diet is singled out for attention those involved in nutritional or medical research take strongly entrenched views that are difficult to understand for those buying food products. Where advice seems most compelling it is often reinforced with legislation. However, we are all aware that advice can change quite dramatically over a short to medium term time scale. Currently there is talk or introduction of legislation in sugar in different countries around the world. The so-called sugar tax in the UK is a good example of this with a clear target of having a maximum of 5% free sugars in food for human consumption. For manufacturers making products which are covered by the legislation it would be easy to try to be defensive and look for alternative research that refutes the need for restricted use. However, for malted ingredients there is a much more positive message to publicise: that malt is healthy and wholesome, contains a natural source of sugar together with an impressive range of additional nutritive benefits.


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