Muntons launch EasySour™ to the craft brewing market

Beer drinkers these days seem to be drinking less but drinking better, served by the growing number of craft breweries and the increasing diversity of beer styles on offer to the beer aficionado.  Amongst the raft of delicious new beers available is a steadily growing trend towards beer ‘sours’ which have proved to be particularly popular in the USA.

As a major supplier to the growing craft brewing movement, Muntons, the Stowmarket based malt and malted ingredient manufacturer, have just released an innovative new product to help brewers make these sought-after sour beers with the minimum of fuss.

According to Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery in the USA, sour beers are less than one half of one percent of craft beer but they are 95% of what craft beer fans talk about now because they are fascinating and delicious and have captured the moment.

For the brewer to brew ‘soured’ beers a combination of bacteria, wood and time are essential. Using traditional Belgian style lambic brewing techniques can be problematic for the craft brewer, tying up brewing vessels for lengthy periods as the tart, soured flavours have to round and mature before the beer is ready to serve.

Muntons have developed an innovative new product they call ‘EasySour™’ to simplify and speed the process, reduce cost and remove risk.  Their new product is designed to be added either during or after fermentation and introduces the refreshing ‘soured’ taste without the need for extended storage or the risks associated through the use of bacteria within the brewery.

EasySour™ is made predominantly from Muntons malt extract blended with ingredients to safely and swiftly achieve the souring effect in a vast range of beer styles.  Soured beers are proving particularly popular with athletes looking for a post-activity, thirst quenching beer.

Fabian Clarke, Muntons New Product Development Brewing Technologist commented: “Easysour™ is so simple to use; it’s perfect for the craft brewer looking to brew soured beers in a quick and fool-proof way.  This is without doubt one of the most innovative brewing products on the market today.” He continued: “I would be happy to provide samples and more information to any brewer wanting to delve into this rapidly growing market segment.”