Product of The Month: Malt Extract

Muntons is know the world over as a manufacturer of the highest-quality malt extract.  Mention malt extract and brewers will recognise this ingredient as something predominantly used in the food and baking industry, as a sweetener, a flavour enhancer or just for its wonderful malt flavour.   There is however a dramatic difference between malt extracts made for food use, where high levels of protein are deemed beneficial, and malt extract made for brewing.

We developed our Cedarex product line specifically with brewing in mind.  Made from the finest brewing quality ale malt, Cedarex malt extracts are useful ingredients for the modern craft brewer where brewing capacity has become an issue.  The Cedarex range is available in a range of colour intensities and as a wort extender will increase brewhouse capacity without having to compromise on flavour through the use of sugars or syrups.

Another malt extract range developed for the craft brewer is NTense.  These are highly aromatic and flavourful extracts, introducing notes of treacle, toffee and stone fruit, as well as increasing colour, Melanoidin developed in the malt extract during its manufacture also increases the stability of beers and slows oxidation.

If you are looking at adding colour to beer, with minimal flavour addition then the Clarimalt range will prove ideal.  Made from 100% Black malt, Clarimalt has been developed to add colour with just a hint of roasted flavours.  Perfect in Black IPA’s or for subtle colour modifications in red-ales and lagers.

Century malt extract is a diastatic malt extract which is proving highly useful in the production of extra dry beers, such as Brut IPA’s and Light lagers.   Naturally occurring enzymes present in brewing malt are extracted and concentrated through our malt extract process to produce our Century malt extract.  These enzymes will convert un-malted starch and other residuals into fermentable sugar.  Useful for the brewer to change the sugar profile of the beer through its use in the fermentation vessel to break down residuals and increase attenuation levels.