Could this be the most sustainable chocolate muffin you will eat?

Probably not, but Muntons have created an award-winning product to partially replace cocoa which would help. It is a 100% natural ingredient that can add a premium feel to your product complimenting cocoa and giving a richer chocolate flavour. Made from UK sourced malting barley our ingredient has a much lower carbon footprint than cocoa 1,080kg CO2 per tonne vs 42,000kg CO2 per tonne for cocoa. This is a good example of how you can change perception of sustainable products. Maltichoc can reduce food miles of a product, uses locally sourced raw materials, can reduce the cost of ingredients for our customers and enhance the consumer experience. 95% of tasters prefer the sustainable maltichoc alternative and think it has a ‘premium’ feel. To find out more about our ‘Maltichoc’ product contact us

Taking action now – Practical Sustainability (P.S.) it’s no afterthought