Old sack new bag!

Muntons craft brewing partner in Brazil turns used malt sacks into shopping bags. Fernanda Puccinelli at Lamas Corp, Muntons partners in the craft brewing sector in Brazil says “Rethink. Recycle. Reuse. This is our recycled handcrafted bag from the malt bags we use at Lamas Brew Shop. It is an initiative to contribute to the reduction of plastic use. This bag gave its life for a beer and now it's a beautiful bag! We hired a local seamstress to produce reusable bags from empty malt sacks used in our stores and brewery. Every time that a client uses our ecobag instead of plastic bags they get a stamp and then they can exchange the stamps for products. Thank you for supporting us in this action.

This is a great initiative and one that we are proud to be part of.

Muntons is committed to reducing single use plastic and packaging working with suppliers and industry to reduce and recycle where possible.

Taking action now – Practical Sustainability (P.S.) it’s no afterthought