Construction started on our bio-energy centre in Stowmarket:

Featuring a 14 MW biomass boiler, which will enable us to utilise a renewable energy source.

Recycling scheme for malt sacks at breweries launched:

We are acutely aware that while our malt sacks are made of polypropylene (PP), which is a fully recyclable material, the infrastructure within the UK is not readily available. To help solve this, we have partnered with QCR Recycling Equipment. Balers installed in the breweries consolidate the finished sacks which are then collected by QCR as a pure source of PP and recycled into pellets to be melted down and used again. Not only does this streamline waste, but it often streamlines the brewery’s waste management saving them time and money.

A new recycling scheme for our obsolete IT equipment was implemented:

Expanding on our zero-waste to landfill remit.

IsO14001:2015 has been awarded…

at our Peated Malt site in Tithe Top and both of our UK maltings. All our sites now operate to this standard.

We were proud to be selected as a finalist

in the Energy and Carbon Transition category at the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards 2020.

Our anaerobic Digestion (aD) plant in Stowmarket…

continues to provide us with green energy onsite, as well as a nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used by local barley growers, creating a circular path for carbon to be recycled within
our supply chain.