Our passionate drive to proactively minimise our environmental impact has been a significant part of our ethos since we began in 1921. This has crystalised in the last two decades as the impact of industrialisation on our planet becomes more apparent and it has become clear there is limited time to act. There is a triple bottom line benefit to sustainable business that now takes centre stage: people, profit, and planet.

One of the most notable commitments we have made is in setting globally relevant targets that are independently verified. The internationally recognised standard for greenhouse gas saving is to set a science-based target* that ensures emission reductions are in line with keeping the global temperature rise within acceptable limits of well below 2oC.

We are one of just over 500 companies in the world across all industries to have set a target which has been approved by the science-based targets organisation.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) is promoting a fast track approach to GHG reduction to be carbon neutral by mid-century and halfway there by 2030.

Muntons target for carbon reduction is aligned with the Race to Zero and through the Global Climate Action portal the UNFCC recognises our targets as being world leading in this regard for both the absolute emissions of GHG and the amount of energy per tonne of product.