Sustainable Supply Chains

At our core, we believe that a sustainable supply chain is within reach, it is the common objective that links all aspects of Muntons business activities.
  • Championing the change with our wider supply chain: In 2022 we launched a tailor-made sustainability program for our wider supply chain. Taking them on the journey with surveys and webinars, we help all of our suppliers understand and map their own sustainability path. “It’s great to hear with such clarity the need for change and the routes to achieving it” Robert Bailey @ Silbury. 2023 Webinar attendee.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: While some companies focus on specific aspects of sustainability, Muntons boasts unflagging dedication in covering every aspect of the supply chain, ensuring that the environmental, economic, and social facets are all equally nurtured and protected. We’re proud signatories to the UN Global Compact – a partnership designed to uphold universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. Our alignment with these principles speaks volumes about the depth of our commitment and the weight we give to ethical business practices.
  • Internal Integration: Sustainability isn’t achieved through siloed initiatives. It must be embedded across every level and department within our organization. At Muntons, we don’t segment our efforts; we unify them, with every department & individual owning a sustainability goal on their work development plans. In 2023 we launched Sustainability school to give all employees a common language, alignment of approach and ensuring that our entire organization operates in harmony with our sustainability pledge across the entire supply chain.  

  • Collaboration & Accountability from seed to sip: Muntons is proud to be a leading member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI) which has generated the world’s first Farm Sustainable Assessment. Muntons were the first maltster to achieve 100% of farms audited and ratified to the silver standard. Combine this with our work on decarbonisation, which currently stands at 60% reduction in co2e / tn of malt and we are proud to produce one of, if not THE lowest carbon malt on the planet and proudly claim we offer customers 100% Sustainable Malt.   
Muntons is proud to state that its malt is 100% sustainable. This has been verified by external audit
Muntons has a bold plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: it has set a Science-based target to reduce emissions by 45% from 2010 levels within 15 years
Muntons was a founder member of a farmer support group to improve the supply chain sustainability and resilience of over 140 farmers through its Sustainable Futures initiative
Muntons is a verified ethical supplier as evidenced through successful Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) audits
We have reduced the carbon footprint of our barley supply chain by 37% over 12 years and our overall scope 3 emissions by 33%. Our process GHG emissions (scopes 1 and 2) per tonne are 52% less in the same period. We have sent less than 0.1% to landfill every year for the past 10 years
Muntons is rated above average for supply chain engagement by the Carbon Disclosure Programme against an industry average of grade C. We are also in the top 1% of companies globally in the EcoVadis rating which gained us a Platinum Medal
Practical Sustainability is a driving force for our investment and activity programme. It is a mindset whereby we consider environmental impact as an integral part of decision making and not as a separate activity, or afterthought.