Wine Kits

Muntons have a wine kit to suit everyone’s taste and budget

We make a wide range of kits that are perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Six Bottle Wine Kits

The Muntons 6 bottle wine range uses named varietal grape concentrate to produce true-to-style white and red wines. In addition this selected range includes a well balanced Rosé to offer the occasional winemaker a subtle choice of wine styles. They require the moderate addition of sugar to brew 6 bottles and their design sits on the shelf to perfectly complement our country wine range.

Country Wine 6 Bottle Range

We have created a range of kits to embrace the flavours commonly enjoyed in traditional country wines. Wines with freshness, zest and complexity rarely found from simple to brew wine kits and in a convenient size. Six bottles, that allow the avid winemaker the opportunity to stock their cellar with a rich variety of country wines without the need to build an extension!

Mondego Reserve Wine Range

Muntons are pleased to be able to offer a range of wine kits formulated to emulate traditional wine styles, at prices designed to appeal to the cost conscious winemaker. These have been released under the Mondego brand name.