Muntons are UK-based manufacturers and suppliers of grain malts to the world market. As well as supplying a wide range of off-the-shelf malts we also work alongside brewers and distillers to develop custom malts for specific needs.
Muntons is proud to support the ever popular and growing craft brewing industry here in the UK. As well as providing ingredients to those in the craft brewing sector we also assist through the sale of equipment and provision of advice and support.
Muntons Ingredients manufacture a comprehensive range of grain malts and further process these into a range of malted ingredients for food producers, bakers and confectioners to add flavour, colour and texture to their products.
We make beer kits for virtually every beer style in the world and we are recognised globally as makers of high quality, easy-to-use kits for wine, cider as well as beer making.
Muntons Malted Ingredients Inc is based just outside of Seattle in Bellevue with distribution centres located in San Francisco, Boston and Lyndonville. We offer a wide range of malted ingredients made from the finest British malting barley and carefully selected specialist cereals.