Muntons clinches 3rd consecutive gold in recognition of their sustainability efforts at RMI Conference Brewing Supply Awards 2024

Muntons has been honoured with the coveted Gold Award in the Small Maltsters category at the RMI Conference Brewing Supply Awards in Rome. This achievement, announced on March 7, 2024, showcases Muntons' commitment to sustainability and innovation within the global brewing supply chain.  The awards are regarded as a benchmark for excellence in the brewing […]

Muntons achieves gold!

For the second time Muntons has been awarded the Ecovadis gold medal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rating for being in the top 5% of global companies. More than 55,000 businesses are on the Ecovadis network including big names like Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, L’Oréal, Subway, Nestlé, Salesforce, Michelin and BASF. Since its founding in 2007, […]

A helping hand from nature

Muntons has enlisted the help of nature by using reed beds to naturally filter water before it is discharged into the sea. Malting is very water intensive so at Muntons we work hard to reduce the amount of water we use and to make sure the water we discharge after use is treated to the […]

How much paper does one tree make?

Impossible to answer, but on average one tree makes about 16 reams (500 sheets) of copy paper. At Muntons we have switched to using recycled paper saving 65.3 trees each year and the paper we have switched to has 5 out of 5 stars on the green star system which rates paper against environmental standards. Taking action now – […]

Old sack new bag!

Muntons craft brewing partner in Brazil turns used malt sacks into shopping bags. Fernanda Puccinelli at Lamas Corp, Muntons partners in the craft brewing sector in Brazil says “Rethink. Recycle. Reuse. This is our recycled handcrafted bag from the malt bags we use at Lamas Brew Shop. It is an initiative to contribute to the […]

Have your (sustainable) cake and eat it!

Save time, energy and money! With our ingredient the crust colour developed more quickly allowing a reduction in bake time of 10% and 95% of tasters preferred the cake too! By replacing 25% of the sugar in a Victoria sponge with spray dried malt extract the cake had a better appearance & taste, a lighter […]

Could this be the most sustainable chocolate muffin you will eat?

Probably not, but Muntons have created an award-winning product to partially replace cocoa which would help. It is a 100% natural ingredient that can add a premium feel to your product complimenting cocoa and giving a richer chocolate flavour. Made from UK sourced malting barley our ingredient has a much lower carbon footprint than cocoa […]

Production up, emissions down – result!

Muntons is focussed on energy saving having had an energy action plan in place since 1999. Production volumes have increased by 30%, but greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of product have reduced by 24% over the past 10 years. This has been achieved by continuous improvement, monitoring of energy usage and investment in more efficient […]

Feeding crops with ‘waste’

A £6.1m investment in an anaerobic digester at Muntons Stowmarket is a full cradle to cradle approach. Barley that is bought from local farmers (within a 60-mile radius) is made into malt and malted ingredients at the site. The AD plant is powered by waste product from the factory and since the processes used within […]

Muntons take aim at ambitious target

Muntons is the only maltster to have set a Science Based Target ( to reduce emissions by 45% based on 2010 levels by 2025. The government target is 57% by 2050. We are committed to reducing our impact by investing 2% of turnover into greening initiatives and we believe we will achieve our 45% target […]

Walk on the wild side

Although Muntons in Stowmarket is an industrial site, only about half of the 45 acres of land is used for manufacturing.  There are many areas that are not used for our core business of making malt but can be extremely valuable for wildlife, so we decided to make use of it by providing wildlife walk […]